zip file

Zip file
Zip file

Many zip files that you use every day have a deep, dark secret. Microsoft Office files, like for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The app files used for mobile apps, or computer.. And even Java files like Minecraft .jar, which may be familiar with and that secret is, they’re actually just zip files in disguise. Make sure computer is virus free and scan computer virus deeply.

You can change the file extension from zip to unzip and you can extract file. open files and folders with zip files and at the end, but can still be opened up with a file archiver. Make sure that file extensions enabled and change them. On windows, you can do that by searching the Start Menu for “File Explorer Options”.  

What are Zip and unzip files on Computer

Go to the View tab and then look for and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” and then hit OK. You can either replace the extension completely  with .zip, or just add .zip on the end. It will work the same exact way. Start off with Microsoft Office files. XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, anything like that.  XML files, a data format, and have a whole bunch of varying stuff. Go to the settings or the document text itself and go into an Excel file. Note: If you have notes on there, media, which again is gonna have pictures.

Mac office apps can actually be useful if sent “pages” or “numbers” or keynote file from someone using Mac and you’re on windows. Maybe you need to get an image out of it or something.  open it up as a zip file and take it out. And these file types are .pages .key and .Numbers.  

Open Office or Libre Office,   the file type .ODT .ODS and .ODP, same types of programs. Content.XML, and several other XMLs like meta, style, settings. Mobile apps on Android and iOS, they get installed onto the phone and they have either APK files for Android or IPA files for iOS. Both of these file types are actually zip files.

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