Simple steps to follow when WiFi is not working. However, Internet connectivity is a crucial part of our lives today and imagining a day without WiFi is no less than a nightmare for most of us. Being a fast and reliable network source, the internet not working can be a big hindrance especially. If you’re using WiFi for working or studying. In such situations, the first thing that comes to our mind is to google “why is my WiFi not working” but even for searching a small piece of information you would require internet connectivity. So what to do if in a time when WiFi not working? Also read, How to change Wifi Password when connected.

How check the router lights of your WiFi

Most WiFi routers have a different set of lights that indicate the attributes and status of your connection. A Wide Area Network (WAN) light indicates the current status of the running WiFi. A green light appears when everything is working well whereas in case of the internet not working. It will usually indicate a red/orange light. In this situation make sure that the cable connecting your modem and router is plugged in at all times. In most of case, internet not working but connected is a difficult situation.

How to fix a spectrum router red light indication

If all your cables are in place but still the router is unable to connect to the internet, chances are there must be a bug in the software of the router or the settings could be misconfigured. This can be resolved by simply restarting the router. How? Log in to the admin tool interface on your browser and from the Utilities tab, click on Restart router. This usually helps with fixing the spectrum router red light.

Steps to reset the router back to its factory settings

If your computer or laptop suddenly won’t connect to WiFi, you can set a reset on the router system which means all the custom settings made on the router will go back to default or factory settings. This would also mean that all the saved information on your router like usernames, passwords, and network names will be forgotten. To reset, press and hold the reset button at the back of your router for 30 seconds until the lights on the router start flashing several times.

Forget and add your WiFi network again

In a situation of WiFi not working, you can try deleting the saved WiFi network and adding it back again as this might delete some temporary files on the saved network that are causing disruption in your WiFi. In order to forget a network, follow these steps below:
Settings> Network & Internet>WiFi> Manage Networks and Select your network and Forget.

Reset your network settings

If you’ve tried all the above mentioned techniques, but the spectrum router light still indicates red light, try to reset your network settings to remove all your network adapters and reinstall them to default conditions. To do that, Settings< Network and Internet < StatusFrequently Asked Question Q: How to resolve Wi-Fi not working problem in windows 10?
Ans: Go to the desktop start button and search for control panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Centre. Next, view your active network, and click on the set up a new connection or network.
Q: What to do when wifi is not working on PC, or laptop?
Ans: Check your Ethernet cable connection between your computer and wifi router. Next, make sure wifi have sufficient data. Now, go the laptop adapter sharing option and reset the adapter setting.
Q: Why wifi is not working on my iPhone, android, and phone?
Ans: Unlock mobile and scroll down for the mobile setting and tap on it. Open setting and look for the Wi-Fi options in the lis and tap on it. Now turn on the wifi, let mobile search for available network. Click on local wifi network available, and enter the password. If, still do not work internet, make sure internet package is not invalid. Although, scan your iPhone, or mobile for virus.
Q:Why is my WiFi not working but Ethernet is?
Ans:This might be due to some misconfigured settings of the DNS server.
Q:What is the difference between WiFi and internet?
Ans: WiFi is a wireless network that connects nearby devices to share internet through a hotspot whereas internet is a global network of networks.
Q: How do you diagnose WiFi problems?
Ans: Run an internet speed test to check the speed and working of your current network.
Q:Why can I access WiFi on my phone but not on laptop/computer?
Ans: If this is the case, then the problem may be in your laptop/computer system. Try running diagnostic tests, and restarting/resetting your router and network settings.