Where to find WPS Pin Number of my HP Deskjet 3630

Where to find WPS Pin Number of my HP Deskjet 3630
Where to find WPS Pin Number of my HP Deskjet 3630

While connecting HP Printer on windows 10 screens prompt and ask for “Hp Deskjet 3630 WPS pin”. But HP Printer user doesn’t know Where to find WPS Pin Number of my Hp Deskjet 3630. When connect printer on windows 10 and modern technology because WPS Pin is secure, and better than USB for wireless printer user.

What is the Default WPS Pin for hp Deskjet 3630

find wps pin on HP Deskjet 3630 printer

How to print a WPS pin number of your printer Deskjet 3630. First FP switches on the printer and connects it with windows 10 device. Now to connect printer with desktop. Just press and hold the cancel and Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds.

Now printers have entered into the setup mode and go to device setting. Look for the Wi-Fi and check for the HP Deskjet 3630 status.  Just click on that now it is connected and look just key in 12345678 passwords and download the HP smart app on windows 10.

Go on that and look for printer on the top if you can’t find it there just press the plus button and look for the name of the printer. Click on that now once you come on screen go for the printer setting in the option. Next, tool section and look for printer reports in printer reports.

Click on network configuration and it seconds request for the printer to print a page. Wait for HP Deskjet  WPSP in show you that are on the top it says WPS pin number and good for 5 minutes from the time. Only valid if you are using within 5 minutes and if it expires then you can repeat the same process and setup printer again for print job.

How to connect HP Deskjet 3630 printer via WPS Pin on Windows

WPS pin is easy to find on windows for HP Printer model users. Go to control panel and check the network status further follows.

  • First, check the power connection between printer and desktop. Reboot it.
  • Press the wireless button on printer and see the blinking light might be blue.
  • On printer screen a prompt will open “Wi-Fi Setup” and select printer pin.
  • A pin comes on the screen for few seconds.

Therefore, WPS Pin on HP  3630 is generated and printer is ready to print.

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