Therefore, steps for setting up a l3150 printer, Unboxing and setup the Epson L3150 printer. Remove packing Material. Contained within :software & Starter guide. Five ink bottles and a power cable. Holding the plastic bag firmly with both hands, carefully lift the Epson printer out of the box. Complete box contents. A starting guide is available to help with setup Epson printers. 

Follow the steps and setup wireless printer easily. Now. remove blue packing tape. Check all sides of the product. Do not touch ink tubes, as shown here. Filling the ink tanks. Remove the ink bottle lid. Insert into the correct colour tank. Allow the tank to fill, then remove the bottle. Next, remove the bottle and replace the lid and repeat the process with remaining colours. Once all tanks are full, proceed to the next step. 

Epson l3150 printer WiFi setup

Plug the power cable into the printer and the power outlet. Power Button WiFi light and Wifi direct light and Wifi Button. Network connection information button. Black & white photocopy button. Colour photocopy button. Stop Button. Ink Status light. Paper Status light. Power on the printer. Wait until and connect Epson Printer on WiFi and WiFi direct lights stop flashing. Press and hold the stop button for 5 seconds to begin the ink charging process The ink charging process takes approximately 10 minutes. During this time the ink light will flash. Do not load paper, open the cover or turn off before the ink charging process is finished. Load paper into your printer, ensuring the side to be printed is facing you. After loading the paper, adjust the paper guide rulers to fit the paper size

Perform a nozzle check by holding down the stop button, followed by pressing and releasing the power button. Continue to hold the stop button until the printer begins to feed paper. If there any issues with the nozzle check pattern, then head cleaning should be performed. 

How to setup Epson l3150 printer WiFi

Go to the Epson website and enter your model l3150 name in the search box. Click Setup. Scroll down and click on the download button. Click Run and install will begin. Tick license agreement, followed by clicking on next. Click Next and install continues. Tick box, followed by clicking on Next. Next and select the wifi option & click next. The software will now search for the Epson printer l3150. Click Next, and click next. Click print test page, to check successful install and click next, followed by finish to complete Epson l3150 setup printer WPS Connection method. Power on the printer. Open Paper feed tray and load paper. Side to be printed, face up Adjust paper guide. Press the WPS button on your router. Button location will vary on every router

How do i setup my Epson l3150 printer

Press and hold the Wi-Fi button for approximately 5 seconds. Wi-Fi direct lights will flash alternately whilst searching for the network. Wi-Fi light will turn solid once connection is complete. Type Epson into the web browser for Epson l3150 printer setup download. Enter model number into search box and click search. Click Setup and enter Download. Click Run. Tick license agreement. Click Next. Tick box and then click Next and Next. Select printer and click Next and follow the screen. Click ‘Print test page’ followed by clicking on next. Click Finish, your printer is now ready to use.