Sometimes, printer users face difficulty in printing and asks to experts why is my Epson printer not printing black. Like, question is technical and get the efficient solution in the article below. Any Epson model such as Epson xp-410 printer not printing black gonna print black.

epson printer not printing black after changing cartridges

Need to check Printer ink cartridge, paper jams or any print job stuck manually. First remove the any pending print job and clean the printer properly. Fix Epson printers Errors as ink stuck in the nozzle and won’t print black or not able to print it black color.

Why my Epson not printing black

  • Open the printer cartridge and check the nozzle.
  • Cartridge of the Epson printer have one screw which need to open for the cartridge.
  • Remove the pipe because the ink stuck in the nozzle head of the cartridge reason ink was not to flow Printing slot.

Epson printers are designed to provide high quality output. If you notice a decline Epson Printer not printing in black in  quality you should check the printer head and clean it if necessary. Follow the steps and clean printer head correctly and avoid damage to printer. Start printer the output tray is extended and the ink level in each tank. Above lower line then must able to clear your printer head with a few quick cleanings. If the initial cleanings don’t fix the issue.

Why is my Epson printer not printing black when ink is full

Note:  If Epson printer not printing black finally, Turn printer off and avoid using it for 12 hours. Right-click on printers windows task-bar icon.

Select nozzle check then click print to print a nozzle. See pattern check the printed pattern to see if there are any gaps in the lines. If you don’t see any gaps your print head isn’t clogged. Click finish then see online.

epson wf-2540 printer not printing black

Users guide for help if you are still seeing print quality problems. If you do see gaps click clean then click starts to clean the print head. When cleaning is complete click print nozzle. Print to print another nozzle. Pattern, check the printed pattern.  If you still see gaps in the pattern run another head cleaning run up to three head cleanings.

Check pattern and run a power cleaning. Make sure no lights on your printer are indicating errors. Notice  the ink levels and make sure each tank is at least 1/3 full. Now right-click on  printers windows taskbar icon. Next,  select printer settings and click the maintenance tab. Further, go to  power cleaning then follow the on-screen instructions. When the power cleaning is finished print a nozzle check pattern.