How to fix the canon printer error 5100. If you have an error on your Canon printer and display on windows screen. It shows error 5100 one of the things you might first press the stop button for five seconds.

Sometimes this can or cannot fix your Canon printer error code with pressing the stop button for five second.  Just resetting the printer now most of the time the issue is you have an object inside your printer. Like a piece of paper or a piece of that on that’s playing inside of the printer and close the printer head. Get stuck or not worked properly & basically you just need to go in there clean out any piece of object. Make sure there’s no object or paper and all paper clip or any pins try to clean. Turn off the printer by pressing on the power the power button. Once the printer go off then press on the power button again to turn it back ON.

How do i fix a canon printer error 5100

Dirt gets stuck in the timing strip all the clean ink cartridge that gets stuck onto the timing strip. It can cause a problem with the printer head from running across the printer. Make sure clear transparent timing strip just behind it. In front of the timing belt it is because it’s transparent but basically there’s a wide plastics plastic strip and clean it. A black metal strip run across there notifies and clean use a soft piece of tissue. In the ink stick to it have that claim canon printer head shoot works properly and error code 5100 is solved.

How to repair canon printer error 5100

Canon printer error code 5100. The same problem for all the new PIXMAs that use 28A cartridge. Try turning it on, there’s no sound, if the cartridge not moving, nothing moving, it just direct go to 5100. Open and close your lid and that lid cut the wire. That cut the wire off, that’s why printer makes any sound of cartridge movement.