If canon mp550 printer with an Air b200 error code faced why and try to reset it. Pull the ink cartridges out and put another set in. There will not move if it has a beat b200 air. This carriage will not move by itself. Ink cartridges out and triggered the b200 error may have ruined the printhead because all these in carts are empty.

Any ink on the bottom of the pad not a bit ink. Right now reset it and go back. Open the front the front door of canon pixma mp500 to reset b200 error code. Next, turn the printer off and unplug it when it printer is shutdown or unplugged.

Wait a couple of minutes then plug it back in put this to the middle carriage and turn on the printer. Close the cover now and see if it resets the b200 error and removes it and wait for a couple of seconds and try to print a test page. Go to settings maintenance print check pattern or put some paper in printer tray.  Therefore, printer error code mean the printhead is out and either prints it out and sometimes it may not.

How to fix canon pixma mp550 b200 error reset

Canon pixma b200 error message generally relates to a printhead issue within your Canon inkjet printer. Printer stop the cradle moving but genuinely never had error b200 on canon printer mp550 just,  advice is to turn printer off leave for a couple minutes.  Check for obstructions turn the printer on and go away. It is usually an electrical error with the printhead and one of two situations and either be using a two cartridge printer like form got and have the printhead put into the cartridges.

Which makes the b200 error a lot easier to resolve or have a 5 Plus cartridge printer which is a little more difficult because the printhead set inside the printer. In the case got to cartridge machine and two positions and two cartridge Canon machine. First step is turn printer off when your printers in error state andmove the cradle to get the cartridge out. Turn it off and again now need to get the cartridge into the cartridge replacement position wait for printer to settle. When find error because of this error that canon printer gets stuck at some point but most instances just move the cradle over to get out.