In order to setup my device on android mobile. Make sure the android version is compatible with available setup features. You can check the performance of your mobile phone on the box or in the setting>about the phone. To check the mobile version follow the simple and easy methods: Open the mobile setting on your mobile phone. Go to the about phone section. Make sure mobile considers android 10 version or above.

check android mobile version
If your mobile is not compatible with the version then update the mobile version and wait until the update process is completed. Check the mobile app update if pending or available on mobile. It helps to update your mobile phone easily and mobile is ready for setup on my Android phone with Google. Also, read on how to Saved Passwords on iPhone.

How to find and set up my devices from an old phone

  • Unlock the mobile and open settings.
  • Next, Turn ON the mobile Bluetooth and start searching.
  • Now, enable the GPS location on the mobile.
  • Further, click on Next, and your mobile start searching for nearby Bluetooth connections.
  • Once the device finds, click to set it up.
ok google set up my device

How to setup my iPhone on another device

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, or tablet turns On the Bluetooth, and don’t forget to download the latest version of the Google Home app. Now, install and open the app and tap setup. If you don’t see the setup option, tap the device icon in the right corner of the app. Click on the Home screen to add your new phone.

Steps to setup Google Pixel 7 and Pro 7 Android Smartphone

Guidelines are given on the setup of my device on Google Android 7 Phone on nearby devices. The steps mentioned in the article are quite similar and easy to follow-ups. Yet, follow the steps on how to set up Android pro 7, or set up any non-Google pixel mobile easily. Once Pixel mobile is unlocked, tap to begin the process.


Select your local language Accessibility>Vision settings. Set the size of the text on mobile. As well, as enable the select to speak, or Talk Back features. Now connect the mobile to network data or a wifi-router. Further, insert your SIM card, or use eSIM. Get your phone ready for the next steps.

Tips and tricks to set up Android Phones on Smart TV

Want to setup my device on new smart TV and don’t know how to do it? Follow these simple steps to set up your Android mobile with Smart gadget. In case, if your TV does not have sufficient in-built features then connect your TV to a monitor via HDMI cable and Switch ON the TV.

  • First, press the source button from the remote, and wait for the time to display on the TV.
  • Next, follow the screen instruction and agree with them.
  • Further, connect the TV to Wi-Fi and check for a time update.
  • Press the Sign-in Button on your wireless remote.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I set up my phone?
Ans: Make sure, you have a compatible Android version along with other devices. Turn on your mobile Bluetooth, mobile data, and GPS and follow step by step instructions mentioned on your mobile screen.
Q: How to ask Google to set up my TV?
Ans: Turn on your smart TV and install the set up my device app on mobile and get the code. Similar TV asks for the code. Put the code into the TV and set up the device on the TV.
Q: How to set up my Bravia 4k?
Ans: Turn ON sony Bravia 4k and press the Home button on the remote. Select setting and network. Choose your wifi and open the android google play app on the mobile. You can use an HDMI cable for the setup sony smart TV on Google assistant.
Q: How to use OK Google set up my TV?
Ans: First, Turn ON your TV and unlock your mobile phone. Your Device and mobile must be connected with the same wifi router. Now Open Google App and type “set up my TV” wait for the code and set up the TV.
Q: How to set up my account on Google?
Ans: Log in to your Gmail account using a valid email-id and password. Next, Open the web browser and type, and search for google assistant for more info.