Find and setup my device near me on Android Mobile Version 10 or above. Make sure Phone and device is connected with the similar Wi-Fi router. Further, follow the require steps on Android Phone and set up my device easily.

Set up devices near me

  • Fist setup and configure your mobile.
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth. (Swipe – down the mobile home screen and tap to turn ON the Bluetooth).
  • Turn ON the Location. ( Swipe- down the android home screen and tap on the location icon to turn it ON).
  • Make sure the device and mobile is in the limited distance to pair at fast process.
  • Open the Google and Search for “OK Google Setup My Devices”.
  • A windows will ask to turn ON bluettoth, location.
  • Click Next, android serach for avavible devices.
  • Mobile screen asks tap to pair with near devices.

Set up new device near me

Setting up new devices includes smart tv, OS watches, Chromecast, tablet and other accessories made by Google also.

  • Turn on the new devices and connect with the local WIFI router.
  • Unlock mobile and turn on bluettoh, and location. Also. connect with similar internet.
  • Open the Google chrome and type set up my devices.
  • A notification will offer to pair mobile with new devices.
  • Click Ok to pair and Follow the screen.