Setup my device

Setup my device
Setup my device

Before setup my device make sure android version is compatible with available features.  Check the mobile version on purchased mobile box. Either go in to the mobile setting and about phone. Make sure mobile consider android 10 or above. You can set up my device from old phone.

If not compatible version then try to update the mobile phone and wait to complete. Update any Google App by checking updates available option. In some case, once mobile connected to the Wi-Fi or mobile- data. A notification pop-up by mobile on the top screen. Easy you update your mobile and ready for set up my device on Google. Also, read on Saved Passwords on iPhone.

ok google set up my device android phone

Go to the mobile setting and turn off the Bluetooth and again turn on the Bluetooth device and search for available local device. In case of GPS, turn off the location. In android 12 go to the setting and scroll down the screen and click on the location option. Therefore, you can turn on or off the location. (In case not found then scroll the screen below and see the GPS option. Now, press and hold the GPS and option the all available option and features.

Setup new device

Turn the lights on. Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?

Setup my Device android tablet

If you’re using an iPhone, turn your Bluetooth on. Oh, and don’t forget the latest version of the Google Home app. Now, open the app and tap setup. If you don’t see setup, tap the device icon in the right corner of the apps. Home screen to add your new device. It’s that simple. Follow the steps on your screen and you’ll be ready to go. If you need more Information, click here for the Google assistant Help Centre article and learn how to set up your Google assistant on your speaker.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to ask ok google setup my device TV?
Ans: Turn on your smart TV and install the set up my device app on mobile and get the code. Similar Tv ask for the code. Put the code into the TV and set up device on TV.
Q: Steps to setup my device bravia 4k?
Ans: Turn ON sony bravia 4k and press Home button on remote. Select setting and network. Choose your wifi and open the android google play app on the mobile. You can use HDMI cable for the setup sony smart TV on Google assistant.
Q: How to use OK Google set up my device TV?
Ans: First, Turn ON your TV and unlock your mobile phone. Your Device and mobile must be connected with the same wifi router. Now Open Google App and type “setup my tv” wait for the code and setup the TV.

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