How you can use HP smart app with your HP printer and you can print scan documents from your mobile. You don’t need any laptop for actually switch on the printer and switch on the Wi-Fi. Connect your mobile device with the Wi-Fi. If in case you don’t have the HP smart tab and Find your printer and press on button and see the list of printers available. Choose one you want to add and check details about different things

How to download HP smart on windows 10 and windows 11 free

  • Turn on your windows10 computer and connect it with the Wi-Fi.
  • Discount the VPN.
  • Open the web browser and search for the hp smart software.
  • Open the hp smart website.
  • Now scroll down the website and click on the set up your device and enter your printer model in the search bar.
  • Wait for the results. Now download the 10 apk, 11 apk as per your windows 10, windows 11 version.
  • Install the hp smart on your computer and skip the Microsoft installation.

How to Use and Install HP Smart App on iPhone

It is easy to setup and install hp printer app on iOS mobile that enables wireless printing. Unlock your mobile and open the hpsmart website and download the apk. Another way to download the app, open App store, and install the app on mobile.

Once app installed , open the app and on the other hand turn on the printer and connect with the wifi. Next, open the smart app on iphone and search for nearby printer. Click to add your local printer on app. Therefore, it allow to scan and print document from the mobile.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to download hp smart app on mac without app store?
Ans: Go to the official website of the printer and on website search for software related to your printer and download the hp smart app as per mac version without visiting the app store.
Q: How to use 123 hp smart app?
Ans: Open the official website, enter your printer model name in the search box and click next. According to your printer model, three option displays. One:- install HP smart directly, Second: – App Store, Third: – Google Play Store. So download as per your operating version and run the apk.