Forget Canon printer username and password then need to follow general steps. Password is change due to official printer manufacturers keeps changing their password due to keep information protected. In that case, need to generate new canon printer default admin password by reset the setting of printer. For every canon printer model default username is “Administrator” and the Default Password is “7654321”.

Canon Printer Username

Depend on the canon printer model you are using, a canon printer username and password is provided to users at the time of shopping of printer. Password must be either “canon” or the printer serial number is provided. Must follow the steps given in canon com ijsetup, and reset canon username and password.

Learn, find and change the canon maxify default password, canon printer username and password for  printer model PIXMA, MAXIFY, and image PROGRAF PRO-1000 models are mentioned below:

  • At the time of  printer username and password is provided.
  • Password must be either canon or the printer serial number (if it is specified).
  • If canon is the password, the username assigned as per printer model number below will be ADMIN.
  • If the canon printer serial number is the password then, then printer serial number is the admin password.

How to reset the username and Password of Canon printer

reset the username and Password of Canon printer
  • Change the password using your canon printer model serial number.
  • Now, go to operation.
  • To Change the password.
  • Depending on your printer, you can change the password using one of the tools listed below.
  • Open the canon printer operation panel (F).
  • Next, click on IJ network tool shows.
  • Canon printer information must display on the screen of some application software.
  • Now see the screen and set the password character 4 to 32 including letter and numerical.
  • If you are using a canon printer in a group or on multiple devices, contact the administrator for the password.

Set canon printer default username and password easily.

Sometimes, canon printer offline message need to fix then further work on the printer username and password. Steps given below set any printer model as default mode to run printer properly.

  • Follow the technical guidelines given below and set the default  printer username and password with easy steps:
  • Open the web browser chrome, safari and Firefox as you have.
  • Now, type the https:// machine’s IP address in the browser bar.
  • Check print server name if above steps didn’t work.
  • Now, type the default username and password of “initpass”.
  • Click on the admin tab.
  • Screen pop-ups where you need to enter new password.
  • Once fill the form with new password.
  • Click to confirm the field and set default password.
  • Finally, click to submit.

Web Based Management offers two levels of password protected access. Users can access à General Settings, Fax Settings, Copy Settings and Printer Settings. The name Default user is “user” (case sensitive) and the default password is “access”. Administrators can access all settings. The administrator login name is “Admin” (case sensitive) and the default password is “access”.

Therefore, When you forget printer username then follow above steps and create new default username and password for printer users.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do i find the password for my canon printer?
Ans: Canon printer users must use printer serial number as the Default printer password. It is mentioned on the box of the printer.
Q: Steps to find canon default username and password?
Ans: Printer username and password is mentioned on the purchasing box itself or use the canon printer model serial number.