Sometimes, HP Printer Offline issues happens when printer is connected to the computer. In some cases, reason behind printer is paused is invalid version of softwares. Make sure the printer softwares and hardwares is up-to-date and fix printer offline problems.

Steps to Fix HP printer offline issues in widows 10 computer

  • Turn ON the both machine printer and computer.
  • Next, go to the desktop start button and Type here to search option and 
  • search for any updates.
  • Check the printer drivers version. 
  • Now, two methods to update the drivers, one update from windows 10 and another install drivers manually.
  • Open the web browser, and search for the hp printer official webiste.
  • In the website search for printer model and download the drivers as per computer specification given in the about PC.
  • Once drivers downloaded, open the unzip file and install the softwares on computer.
  • Reboot the printer and computer and try to print.

How to turn HP Printer offline to online

Go to the computer start button and search for control panel. Open it and click on the Hardware and Sound. Next, “Devices and Printers”, A new windows open and scroll the windows to printers section. Finally, right-click on local gadget model and set as default printer.

Why my printer keeps going offline when connected to Wi-Fi

Printer is connected to the Wi-Fi but shows offline message. in such circumstances, update the printer drivers on computer. First, go the printer setting and right-click on printer model and see what’s printer is printing and cancel all pending jobs. Therefore, download and installed the printer’s softwares as per computer version and restart the both machine.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to bring an offline hp printer online?

Ans: There are various method to change printer offline status to online. Open the printer setting on computer and right-click on the printer. Open the properties of printer and click on the Web Services. Now check the IP Address and resolve the printing issues.

Q: How do i fix my HP printer offline errors on computer ?

Ans: Check the printer hardware and software, further change any wire, cable, ethernet if required and update the version of printer softwares to turn printer off offline mode to online.