Find HP printer default password by switching on the printer. It is very easy and if you have forgotten the hp printer admin password. You can easily recover and Go to wireless printing again. Once your printer is owned make sure you press and hold the wireless direct printing button. If you see blue light is the signal for Wi-Fi and white light for wireless direct printing.

Now press and hold for seconds and it will actually print out automatically and leave the button. Wait for the printout to come out and in the printout, there will be possible to write on that. It will be in writing and you have to go to your Wi-Fi option and select the printer and enter the password. On the page see the printout on the phone and it says enter HP Wireless direct printing password and it is on the screen.

Windows Go to wifi setting
Mac System Keychains
WPS PIN Create New PIN

Steps to Find HP printer default password

Sometimes, try to leave a blank admin, or password on the printer touch screen and enter next. If your printer has LCD control panel, press and holds the setup button and open the printer menu. In the list find the restore printer options and press ok. and hp printer automatically set the default printer and password.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do i find my printer username and password?
Ans: Printer username and password is mentioned on the printer box itself. In case of touchscreen printer, enter the admin in the admin field and admin 123, or administrator.

Q: What to do when Forget hp printer username and password?
Ans: In manual way check your printer box along with your printer and find any kind of username, pin code, PIN, secret ID, password, key.