Setting up comprehensive and easy computer protection with download Norton antivirus free – Norton Security. Combining the speed of operation and excellent security performance.

This article will walk you through How to download and install a free Norton antivirus solution. Go through the parameters and configure the optimal antivirus for ourselves. While there is an opportunity, you can download and install an antivirus for the promotion: Norton Security Deluxe – free license. Ninety days of free trial is offered and update windows 10 if required.

Go to “Options” and start.
The antivirus protection section includes three categories:

  • Automatic protection
  • Scans and threats
  • Updates

Automatic protection is trusted by Symantec; the default settings are optimal. Let’s move on to the “Scan and Threat” settings. Translate “Low-Risk Threats” to “Ask Me”, this will prevent the immediate removal of legitimate applications and programs. Don’t forget to click the Apply button.

To prevent files with a bad reputation from being quarantined or completely deleted. Add the required file or folder to the Norton Antivirus Security exclusions according to instructions. This will exclude any games or programs you have added from general scanning, sonar automatic protection, and download control.

Go to the “Update Norton Antivirus Free” section and install “Apply updates only on reboot” to avoid incorrect installation and other problems. Now go back and open the “Firewall”. In the general settings, set the “Network reliability” to “Forbidden” mode so that other devices cannot access the computer.

How to manually use and setup Norton Antivirus

To block a program or game from connecting to the Internet, use Program Control. How to block a program from accessing the Internet using Norton Security manually. Go to “Advanced Application Management” and set “Blocking Malicious Application Traffic” to “Aggressive Mode”. This will help reduce the risk of transmitting sensitive data in the event of system infection.

If you are using an SSD drive, it is advisable to disable “Disk Optimization” in the “Task Schedule”. After that, open “Administration Options” and turn off the “Downtime Optimizer”. This will prevent Norton Security from scheduling and optimizing the boot volume. In addition, you can turn off the functionality for collecting information: “Norton Community Watch” and “Collect detailed error data”.

Scroll to the bottom of the section and, at your discretion, configure the delay settings. “Auto resume after sleep or hibernation”. “Task execution” and “Idle timeout”. Disable “Special Offer Notification” and Firefox Internet Clean-up.

This completes the fine-tuning of the comprehensive setup guide of antivirus Norton Security. If you need to correct something else. Do not forget to first study the help by clicking on the question mark of the item you need.

Steps to install Norton Antivirus Free

In general, Norton works well with the printer when needed to print out on standard settings [default]. There are setup and install options that may be useful to someone. After installing any version of Norton Antivirus, it is recommended to run the [Live-Update] update without changing any antivirus settings. How the update will end – restart the computer, after restarting the computer. Antivirus helps you when need to connect a printer to Wi-Fi.

How to turn off Norton antivirus

  • If you are not using online backup and Identity Safe to store passwords.
  •  Protection during computer start-up will turn on automatically if necessary.
  • Turn on the protection yourself on an ongoing basis. And in order for Norton to more often ask what to do with the detected threat (virus).
  • Optionally, configure Norton to notify only threats to avoid pop-ups if the downloaded file is safe.
  • You can turn off notifications that one of the programs consumes a lot of resources.
  • These notifications themselves sometimes consume resources, albeit not many turn off notifications.
  • When performing automatic background tasks, as well as disabling the display of the monthly report.
  • Norton does not delete files that are in this folder, also download any files to this folder from the Internet [Norton will not delete anything]. Make sure the files you are downloading are safe. How to add a folder to exclusions in antivirus.

How to Update and Install Norton Antivirus Security

Norton always automatically checks, downloads, install and update, and run the update manually once a day. It also helps mobile devices to scan for viruses once the antivirus is downloaded and installed. Select live-update, and wait for completion, after completion, if Norton prompts you to restart your computer, agree.

  • Repeat the update procedure until the Norton antivirus writes that updates are no longer required.
  • Norton will consume fewer resources since it will skip trusted and verified files, this requires in the main menu of the antivirus.
  • Click on the green monitor with a checkmark, then select “Start Scan”, then “Full Scan” and start scanning.
  • Temporary Windows files, do not change the settings of these two functions. But if you still decided to turn it off.
  • Show the latest entries in the log and on top instead of the “Recent events” item.
  • Select the “Complete chronology of events” item and then press the “Clear list” button so that the records do not accumulate.

How do I download and setup Norton antivirus plus

  • Optionally, you can configure automatic background operations. Run infrequently so that the antivirus does not distract you with pop-ups and that the background.
  • An automatic check of the computer was not performed when you are not using it.
  • Turn off Norton antivirus so that no messages appear that a program is consuming too many resources. These notifications themselves consume resources and turn them off.
  • If in Norton 360 you are not using online data backup, then turn it off [see figure], and you can do it as shown here and here.
  • You can enable boot-time protection for Norton IS and for Norton 360_01 and 02.
  • Enable the detection of potentially unwanted programs [PUP, PUP], and programs with a low and unconfirmed reputation. That may be annoying adware and malicious code, as exemplified by Norton IS and Norton 360 01 and 02.
  • If necessary, you can add the folder with your programs to the exceptions, but if you are sure that they do not contain malicious code or “viruses”.
  • If you do not use the Identity Safe component to store passwords to sites you can disable it, as shown in the example of Norton IS and Norton 360 products.