How to connect canon ts3122 to Wi-Fi through ts3122 setup. Through Wi-Fi, printing can be done from anywhere and anytime. If your printer is a wireless one, then it supports wireless printing and can connect via canon com ij setup to a device for wireless printing. Some printers can connect to a network directly and from any computer, the printer can perform printing and scanning functionalities.

It needs a strong and stable Wi-Fi network and some configuration. There is no requirement for cables and wires for wireless printing. A wireless printer can print from any compatible device. Which is connected to a wifi network. Printing has become simple and convenient with the help of wireless printing.

ij start canon ts3122 wireless setup

To use an auto wireless connect system which enables the ts3122 setup mac. Next, connect to a wifi network automatically. No cables and wires are required for it. Now, a network name and password are required. Therefore,ij start canon tr4522 and can detect the network and connect to it automatically. To use an auto-connect wireless system, software needs to be installed for the printer. There are various methods for connecting a printer to a Wi-Fi network.

  • To use the wireless setup wizard on your printer by enabling it. The following steps can be followed-
  • Switch on the printer and disconnect any USB or ethernet cable.
  • Go to the control panel, click on the wireless option and click on the network option.
  • Choose wireless settings and click on the wireless setup wizard option.
  • Search your network and enter the password and click on the Ok option.
  • Now your printer is connected to a wifi network.

How to connect canon ts3122 printer to Wi-Fi with or without WPS

Therefore, Use of the WPS button can be done ts3122 setup app process. The button is there on the printer. Just need to press it and within a few minutes, the printer will be connected to a wifi network.  The wifi direct option can also be used. Below given steps can be followed for doing so
  • First to enable the wireless direct option from the control panel of the printer and click on the network option.
  • Then, choose your printer name and model to connect it to wireless direct and enter your network password.
  • To check it, print a page or document.
So, these are the methods to be followed and applied to connect printers to wifi. The steps are reliable and easy to apply. Connecting canon ts3122  to wifi enables wireless printing. Wireless printing is considered to be quick and convenient to perform printing tasks. Wireless printing can be done from ts3122 scan any device like mobile phone, laptop, mac device. Through mac devices, AirPrint is supported for wireless printing.

How to connect my canon pixma ts3122 printer to Wi-Fi

  • First to check if your printer supports AirPrint.
  • Then, to connect air print with the same network as your iPhone or iPad and open the app for printing.
  • To open the page or document for printing and click on the share button and choose the AirPrint option.
  • A page or document will be printed.
Sometimes errors also come while connecting the printer to wifi. It may be due to outdated printer drivers and software, problems in the wifi router settings, problems in printer settings, firmware is required to be updated.