Everyone used the Excel in their day to day life for preparing a data. Many users are not aware with the shortcut in excel and waste a lot of time to make presentation in the Microsoft excel. Hereby, get the top 5 ultimate shortcut keys in Excel as well as PDF for daily use, and speed up the work progress. Also, read on how to use internet explorer 11.

1. How to make a duplicate Table in Excel with shortcut key

A simple tips to copy a table without using Ctrl +C, and Ctrl + V because, Excel provides smart features to its users. For making a duplicate table follow shortcut in excel. Select the entire table and Press Ctrl and when icon changes on the excel replace the table from one side to another , and make duplicate copies of table.

2. Steps to use the Clipboard with shortcut in Excel

Extract data from two table in excel and with the use the clipboard. Open the Excel and click on the clipboard on the top-left corner. A format open in the excel -left hand side. You can set this format anywhere in the excel. Now, use “Ctrl+C” copy the data you wish to separate from the table and click anywhere on the excel. Next, Go to the clipboard and Click on the Paste ALL.

3. How to turn a Table into Graph with shortcut in Excel

Turn a Table data into Graph by short key. Open the table in your excel and select your table data with mouse and press Ctrl+F1 on Keyboard only. You can change the color and shape of the graph including create duplicate copies of graph also.

4. How to Find lost file in Excel

Find any excel file on computer. Open the excel file on computer and Type =cell and select the file name from drop-down list. it will be look line — cell(“filename”) and enter.

5. How to replace the First Name and Last Name using shortcut in excel

Replace the first name and last name from the table with short cut key Open the name list table on excel. In case of remove last name and Press the Ctrl+F, and click on the Replace type space and # in Find What: section and click on the Replace All. For First name , enter the 3 and then space to remove it.