The wireless sricam camera keeps saying device offline and not able to connect to the wifi router . The sricam camera is one of the best security cameras. The sometimes offline issue occurs but there are ways to solve this issue. These ways should be followed properly. The offline issue affects the working of the camera. When the camera goes offline, it is not able to capture, record videos and images. It provides complete protection and security to your home and workplace. The camera is made from advanced technology and is waterproof. It captures videos in high quality and has night vision technology. Related camera issues:

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Why is my sricam device offline

  • The problem is in the wifi router connection and settings.
  • Error in camera hardware and wrong password is being entered.
  • The camera is not placed within the range of the wifi router and the firmware of the camera needs an update.
  • The problem is in the wifi router settings and the problem is in the camera settings.
  • Remove the interference coming in the signal of the wifi network.

How to fix sricam camera offline issues

  • Antennas of the wifi router must be checked if they have become loose, tighten them. Sometimes they are not connected to the wifi router properly. Due to this sricam camera is going offline. 
  • Switch on the camera and check its battery. If its battery has depleted, replace it.
  • Check if the password is correct for a wireless network connection. Sometimes, the password entered is incorrect and that’s why the camera is unable to connect to the wifi router.
  • Now check the SSID of the wireless network settings. SSID means the wifi network name and password. It should be saved correctly.
  • Place the camera within the range of the wifi router. The signal strength also needs to be checked.
  • The IP address of the camera should be checked. Sometimes the wrong Ip address is entered, which is why the camera is not able to connect to the wifi network.
  • Change the frequency band of the wifi router. Sometimes, the frequency band is not much and the wifi connection is not able to work properly. So, the frequency band of the router is required to be changed so that the wifi connection works properly in the camera.
  • Update the firmware and software of the camera. The version downloaded and installed is correct.
  • Reset your camera if required by following instructions given in the manual.

Why my sricam is offline

So, these are some of the solutions which are simple, reliable to follow, and apply. These solutions will help you in solving your camera offline issue in a quick and short time. So, that your camera starts working again and provides you and your home with complete security and protection.