Want to open multiple screens on your iPhone at the same time? Don’t worry, now you can open multiple screens simultaneously on your iPhone by using the split screen on iPhone option. Split screen on iPhone allows you to do multiple tasks or open apps at the same time. You can open two apps on your iPhone home screen by following the easy method given in the article. You can split screen on iPhone without the jailbreaking iPhone. iPad has by default feature that allows users to open two panels on mobile. Recently, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 offered Default multitasking features and a split view. How you can activate split screen on the iPhone app which is currently running on iPhone.

Steps to Split Screen on iPhone 13 and pro Device

Use Dual screen on iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro, and abvove ios version is easy because the setting of split screen is by default in the mobile.
  • In order to get the multi-screen, open any app on iPhone.
  • Then, touch the dock on the mobile screen and open another app.
  • Now hold or press the second app and place the app on the same screen.
  • Therefore, you can run multiple apps on IOS and resize the app size as per your requirements.

On a split screen, you can multitask at the same time. You can also Save password on iPhone and Scan viruses on iPhone together on mobile.

How to split screen on iPhone 14 and pro version iOS

Make sure iPhone 14 version is enabled its setting on split screen.
  • To use the multi-screen on the iOS version, Open the app on mobile.
  • Now, press and hold the app and take it to the dock.
  • After that, open the bottom of the screen & open the upper space of the mobile screen and another app on the downside of the mobile screen.
  • The iPhone screen allows you two use two panels i.e. one side for the app and another for navigation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Steps to split screen on iPhone iOS 14?
Ans: In iOS 14 use the two screen and app without using the dock. Open the mobile setting and go to the additional features and click on the screen panel and allow the multitasking features on the app. Once the option enables you can use two apps on one screen on iOS 14 by just handshaking or waving.
Q: How to split screen on iPhone iOS 15?
Ans: iPhone 15 allows you to open two apps together by default. Open one app and press and hold another app and scroll it to the other app panel either upper or downward on the mobile screen. Go to the mobile setting and enable split screen features on shortcuts on mobile.