If you don’t know how to split screen on Android phone then you are at right place. We have find a solution for you that helps to split screen of your Android phone. Make sure android phone is updated and using latest version of android. You can split screen on android phone and open multiple apps at the same time. Therefore, Android gives split screen option to all the versions listed below.
Split Screen on Samsung
Split Screen on Sony
Split Screen on Google pixel
Split Screen on One plus
Split Screen on Motorola

How to Enable split screen on Android 12

A guide to enable split-screen multitasking on Samsung, Sony, Google Pixel, One plus, and Motorola mobile Android 12 version.

  • First, open the mobile setting and go to the about phone and confirm the android version of your phone.
  • Next, return on the home screen of the mobile phone.
  • Now, open any app on the mobile and minimize the app.
  • To Minimize the app, Click on the clear all app icon (three lines on the bottom left bar).
  • You will see the last open app on the mobile screen.
  • Now tap on the app for 2- 5 seconds. The mobile screen displayed the menu on the left side or right side (depend on which phone you are using) of the mobile.
  • Next, select the split-screen option from the all visible options.
  • Once you click on the windows on android 12, the mobile phone allows you to open a new app and enable multitasking.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to split screen on Samsung mobile Android 10?
Ans: Open multiple apps on Samsung mobile split screen on Android 11. Open one app on Samsung mobile and minimize the app. Now, click on the first icon on the mobile at the bottom bar. Minimized app will open half on the mobile screen and press and hold the app for a while. Next, split screen functions pop-ups on the mobile scree. Click on the split -screen icon and enable multitasking.
Q: Step to split screen on Android 11?
Ans: Activate split screen on Samsung, Sony, Google pixel, One plus, and Motorola Android version 11 with simple tips and tricks. Unlock the mobile and open an app on mobile and minimize the screen. Press and hold the screen on minimized app. Android 11 displayed split screen options on mobile. Click on split-screen and open another app below the first app.