Screen record on iPhone is now easy with unique short-cut. Record screen on mobile by just pressing the key. There are two way to record screen on mobile one is capture the screen another is record the entire screen. Now, Unlock your iPhone and follow the short-cut method.

  • Click on the iPhone control centre, or tap to scroll the notification bar.
  • Further, scroll down and click long press the screen recording icon.
  • Long press enables you to turn ON and OFF the microphone, voice recoding.
  • Now, click on the record icon and wait for 3 seconds to record the screen on iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and more.
    • Therefore, once recording process completes come again to the control center and click on the recording icon to pause the screen. Once pause screen automatically save to the iPhone. Go to the File manger and open recordings folder on mobile and see the saved video and scan virus on iPhone.

      How to record the screen on iPhone 14

      Record the screen on iPhone11, iPhone13, and iPhone14 with easy method. First, unlock iPhone and go to the setting and scroll down the screen. Click on the control center option and tap on the add to screen record. Now scroll up and see the screen recording. Further, come to the Home screen of mobile and scroll down the notification and tap on the recording icon and record the screen.

      Frequently Asked Question

      Q: How do you record the screen on iphone?
      Ans: Recording the screen on iphone easily with easy method. On mobile homepage scroll down the screen and tap on the recording options and record the screen.
      Q: How to screen record with sound on iphone 13?
      Ans: Go to the iphone 13 setting and control center, click on screen recording option and add in the control panel. Now, come back at home page and scroll the screen . Tap on the recording option and split iphone screen for allow mobile to record sounds also.