Do you want to record your screen on laptop? Don’t worry, you can now Record screen in windows 10 by following methods. There are many way to record screen on computer. First, make sure you want to record screen of your laptop or you want to take a screen shot on laptop. Windows10, and Windows 11 have by default functions to record screen in video format. Also, read How to record screen on iPhone easily.

Steps to Record Screen in Windows 11

Open any app on your laptop or computer and Press Windows Key + Alt+ R all together. A small screen open on the computer screen at left or right bar. Once give the command Windows Key + Alt + R screen recorder start the recording automatically on windows 10 and windows 11. Furthermore, you can stop recording, Toggle Microphone, Hide Time, and so on. Once screen recording has completed. Click on stop recording and video saved on computer. Therefore, Open PC and scroll down the screen. Next, click on the videos folder on the left-side bar. Open Captures Folder and see the record video from screen.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to screen record in windows 10 without any app?
Ans: You can record screen on computer windows 10 with Game Bar.Press win+G and open the Game Bar. A Game Bar panel open up in the bottom of desktop screen. Game Bar panel allow you to stop and start the screen recoding with voice or not.
Q: What is screen record in windows 10 shortcut?
Ans: Windows + Alt + R shortcut key to screen record in windows 10.
Q: How to screen record on windows 10 with audio?
Ans: Press on Computer Keyboard windows Key + Alt+ R all together. A screen recorder panel open on the computer screen and given option to enable and disable the audio.