Iotty smart switch is out of the box and ready to work. iotty for home light switch is powered by IOTA and has a WiFi connection. It indicates, to control your lights straight from your mobile phone or tablet. The iotty smart button is a new type of home automation device which can be used as a smart switch, other features are IOT switch dimmer, power plug or power strip. It doesn’t depend on the Internet to work and it’s easy to set up near device. When the iotty light switch is used as a light switch, you can use it to turn on or turn off the lights of your home and adjust their brightness with the help of full remote control iOS or Android app.

iotty 4 gang not available
multiple switches remote control
iotty lights Dimmer
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Benefits of iotty smart light switches

These smart switches work with the iotty smartphone app and control virtually all room, home lights, lamps, heaters, and other near devices. IOT technology is one of the most innovative inventions in modern hardware offers multiple switches. It was introduced in the 1980s. When first came across a machine that could be controlled remotely through a computer network. They are called “Internet-of-Things” devices and they are connected to the Internet.

What is the smart switch iotty and How it works?

The beauty of this invention is that it can control of smart home. Easy to connect with any device, for a toothbrush you can use smartphone. Easy to power consumption and check the battery backup. Switch that would rather use on wall, or even a dimmer switch that want in living room next to fireplace. iotty Smart Switch is available in multiple sizes and formats to adapt and meet all your needs.‎

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does iotty smart switch have a 4 gang (U4) Model?
Ans: Presently, iotty 4 gang is not available. iotty only offers iotty gang 1, 2, and 3 gang configurations.
Q: What is Iotty Smart Switch?
Ans: Smart iotty switch, and iotty homekit used in smart Home to control the lights, fan, iotty dimmer on app. Install a iotty device in your Home and control the all lights function on your device.
Q: How Iotty Smart Switch works?
Ans: Once you setup and install the iotty smart switch in your Home then connect smart switch to your Home wifi and iotty app.
Q: What are the iotty smart switch review?
Ans: Read the iotty smart switch review from Google or visit official website of iotty for iotty review.
Q: Does the iotty Smart Switch Dim?
Ans: iotty smart switch is dimmable and its function properly through app also.
Q: Can I connect iotty Smart Switch to my Internet home Wi-Fi?
Ans: Yes, First, install the app and connect with the local wifi. Further, connect it with the smart switch.