Want to take a screenshot on HP laptop but don’t know what to type on the keyboard. Screenshot of any document run with manual command. Take a look at your Keyboard and see the PrtScn with sysRq just next to F12 button. This button enables you to take a screenshot on an hp laptop. By pressing prtScn/SysRq button, you will able to copy the entire screen of your hp laptop. Therefore, need to follow more steps for computer snapshots.

  • First, press the windows icon on the keyboard with prtScn at the same time and take the entire screenshot of the computer.
  • Hp Laptop displays a light dim on the screen for a second. A dim screen means that your laptop captures the screenshot of your laptop.
  • Next, go to Photoshop, paint, and any Adobe image editor and open the software. You can also open a word file or online doc file to paste the screenshot.
  • Now, press Ctrl+N to open a new file, then press, Ctrl+V to paste the copied screenshot on the file.
  • Click on the save button to save the entire screenshot easily.

How to take screenshots on Hp Laptop windows 10

Windows10, and Windows7 have similar steps to take a screenshot on the laptop using the same command. It is quite a different or alternative method to copy the screen on hp laptop windows 10.

How to take screenshot on Hp Laptop windows 10
  • On keyboard Press Windows+Shift+S at the same time. A layer will open on the desktop screen with the sign of +.
  • Next, select the part of the screen you want to save.Just select the image and 
  • document is required.
  • Further open image editor software and paste the copied image.
  • Thus, ctrl+s to save the screenshot on windows 10.

Steps to take screenshots on HP Laptop

If you don’t know any shortcut or keyboard commands for how to take a screenshot on HP Laptop. Then, go to the search bar in windows 7, windows 11, and windows 10 and search for a snipping tool. This tool is installed by default in every Windows version. Click to open the snipping tool. A small window will open with the option of New, Mode, Delay, Cancel, And Options. Read what the snipping tool says. Now just select the area you want to capture and save. Ctrl+S to save the screenshot on the HP Laptop easily. By clicking new can take more screenshots and it is easy to save the image.

Steps to take screenshot on HP Laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do you take a screenshot on a hp laptop?
Ans: Take a screenshot on computer in a second. Turn ON the hp laptop and open the screen where you want to capture. On keyboard press press windows icon + PrtSC and screen blink and check the screenshot in pictures folders on your computer.
Q: How do I take screenshot on my hp laptop?
Ans: Turn on printer and open a tool snipping from the computer Menu. Click on the tool and capture the screen according to the size you want.