Viruses are extremely rare on iPhones. You tend to easily infect your android phones with viruses by allowing access to infected file attachments and suspicious websites. We suggest you some effective solutions to keep your Phone safe from viruses. By following these suggestions and tips, you will not have to repurchase your Phone or worry about rebooting your Phone or purchasing expensive software.

1: Install Applications from Trusted Sources:

The first and foremost key to protecting your Phone from viruses is installing applications from trusted sources. You can go for built-in applications downloading stores. Samsung Galaxy users can go to Samsung stores meant for application downloading, and Android users can use the general Google Play app to download different applications.

2: Update Applications:

Another simple method to keep your phone safe from viruses is frequently updating your applications. By updating your apps, you are keeping up with the maintenance of your Phone and applications. Each update comes with the solutions like bug fixes, enhanced privacy protection, and fixing the problems like crashing and getting frequently shut down. These enhancements also help in keeping your Phone safe from viruses.

3: Always Keep your Software and Phone Updated:

The primary key to keeping your phone safe from viruses is to update your system frequently. Most phone brands have built a phone updating system to enable you to update your Phone regularly and virus-free. You can rely on preinstalled software like Google that ensures data protection and privacy.

4: Download Trusted Applications on your Phone:

Another tip to protect your Phone from viruses is recommending downloading applications with five-star ratings and mostly positive reviews about their services. To search if the applications you are downloading are safe and trusted, you can review the comments in the comment section below the description of each application on application downloading stores. Also, avoid using random game applications because this can increase the risk of getting your Phone infected by harmful viruses.

5: Avoid Downloading Random Links:

Another tip to keep your phone safe from viruses, the key to this is to avoid downloading any random links getting sent to you by unknown people and sources. Avoid following links that pop up randomly while using social media apps like Facebook and YouTube.

6: Avoid Downloading Infected Attachments:

To keep your phone safe from viruses, avoid downloading files and attachments that are not protected and have not gone through any virus-detecting and cleaning application. Do not download files unless you are aware of the sender. Do not tap and download attachments from any anonymous sources. In android phones, the email software is usually Gmail aware of their users of the email received by the scammers. These types of emails are labeled as “Spam”. In a few phones, we can take advantage of the features in messaging applications that detect scammers.


Almost every one of us deals with keeping our Phones maintained and looking for solutions to keep our phones safe from viruses. We unnecessarily worry about these issues by being ignorant that such solutions are easily executable and within our reach. All we need to do is educate ourselves about the system and mechanism of our phones and keep ourselves updated with the latest privacy-protecting features in apps and virus-detecting and killing applications.