How to cut YouTube clip on computer and mobile videos to share. Now YouTube offers default options next to share>clip create a short video. You can Download YouTube Videos and share. While, using YouTube default options, you must have a YouTube channel to share the video because this option enable you to share clip only on your created YouTube channel.

Steps to cut Video Clip on YouTube

  • First, connect mobile with internet and open web browser.
  • Search for YouTube and Log in the YouTube Account with registered YouTube Channel Email ID.
  • Now select the video for clip and play the video.
  • Click on the CLIP button below the video title and a new screen open at the right-side of Youtube.
  • Now Add a description(required). Two ways to cut videos. One is type the start time and end time of video. Another,
  • select the video with the scale and trim the video.
  • Trim the video and share clip.

How to cut and download YouTube video clip

How to cut and download youtube video clip

Note: You must have a valid YouTube channel to cut video clip share the video on your YouTube channel.

  • Play toe selected video on YouTube and click on the clip.
  • Now a side windows screen opens on the YouTube right side bar.
  • Select the duration of video for trim or select the video by second option given below the time.
  • Further, add a description (required) and click on share clip.
  • Therefore, clip is shared on your YouTube channel and download the clip from your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to make a clip youtube video?
Ans: Log in the Youtube with your email id and password and must have a youtube channel for video share. Now select the video and click on the clip. Therefore, cut youtube clip and share it.
Q: How to cut youtube videos in mobile?
Ans: In mobile open the youtube in the web browser and select the video fot trim and share easily on your youtube channel.
Q: How to cut short video clip from youtube?
Ans: Open the youtube and click on the clip now select the video trim duration for short video clip.
Q: How do i cut a clip from a youtube video?
Ans: Youtube provide default option of clip next to share button. Click on clip and easily cut short or any size video.