Why Funlux camera keeps going offline because there are some technical solutions available for it. The offline issue is common in cameras if the camera is a wireless one. A wireless camera often faces offline issues. It is constantly working day and night and sometimes it causes various issues and errors, one of them is an offline issue. Funlux is a home security camera with advanced, latest features. Hd quality videos and images are recorded and captured. The camera has a wide view angle for viewing day and night time. At night time also, high-quality clear images and videos are recorded. The best and complete security and protection are provided by the camera.

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Why my Funlux camera keeps going offline

There are several reasons for the funlux camera going offline. Some of them are listed below-

  • The problem is the wifi router connection.
  • Improper wifi router settings.
  • Improper camera settings.
  • An update is required of the firmware of the camera.
  • To check if the wifi router is connected to several devices.
  • The Wifi network is poor and unstable.

How to fix Funlux camera offline problem

Below are some of the solutions provided to solve the funlux camera offline issue-

  • First switch on the camera properly
  • Check that the cable and connections connected are working properly and see the camera settings.
  • Now restart the camera and check the IP address of the network, if it is correct or different.
  • Next, reset the camera settings.

Steps to fix funlux camera offline

  • Check the camera battery, if it is depleted then needs to be changed.
  • Next check the wifi and other connections. Ensure that the wifi network is working properly and is not connected to several devices.
  • Reset your camera by disconnecting the USB cable and deleting the wifi settings in the camera.
  • To check the wifi router settings. See if the router is working properly by checking its lights, frequency, etc.
  • Disable the beamforming feature of the camera. It helps to improve the camera connectivity and may solve the offline issue.
  • Parental security and firewall settings have to be disabled to solve the issue of the funlux camera going offline. 
  • To check the bandwidth of the wifi router and disconnect the connectivity of it from other devices.

Mentioned above troubleshooting steps can help you solve the camera offline issue. These steps are reliable, simple to follow, and can fix the funlux camera offline issue in a short time. So, that camera can start working again and can provide your home with complete security and protection. The offline issue in the camera affects its working. The camera is not able to capture videos and images properly. The camera is not able to provide you with security and protection. Its advanced features also are not working like the microphone, LED light, and app. The camera app is also not working on your phone.