Does your zmodo camera says offline? Zmodo cameras are being faced with an offline issue. Even if it is connected to the internet, then also it is showcasing offline. The issue is usually caused due to several reasons.

The network can be not in range with the camera. Sometimes the camera can be connected to the wrong network name. The camera is just switched on and it takes time to get connected to a network. A network connection is poor and not stable. If the zmodo camera is showing offline, then the wireless network router is required to be checked. Sometimes, the model of the camera differs and according to the model, the camera can work within a limited frequency. That’s why the camera is not able to connect with the wireless network router.

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Steps to fix zmodo wireless camera offline issue

For solving the problem of offline issue, below provided solutions can be taken into consideration-

  1. To access the wireless network settings and check them properly. 

The wireless network router is required to be checked. Sometimes, settings are not done properly and it leads to the camera going offline.

  1. To search for the wireless network router settings menu

One of the solutions can be to search for the settings menu of the router. The settings menu should be checked properly as sometimes some options are disabled. So, this can also lead to the zmodo camera going offline.

  1. To search for the network name

Sometimes zmodo camera not connecting to Wi-Fi and network name is not identified by the camera. The camera gets connected to the wrong network name. So, the correct network name is required to be searched and connected to the camera.

  1. To change the name of the network name according to the frequencies.

So, by changing the name, the camera can work accordingly according to its frequency. The offline issue can be fixed.

  1. To check the security tab of the router.

The security tab of the router is required to be checked. The router should use WPA or WPA2. The network is protected by this as it uses a password.

  1. Limitation in the password for the camera

The issue of passwords can also be there. As the camera password can be of certain length or words only. The long passwords do not work for the camera. So, the password is required to be changed to a shorter one.

How to get zmodo camera back online

Troubleshooting can also be done when the camera is causing an offline issue. There are some troubleshooting steps to follow that are provided below-

  • The camera battery may be low, so the camera is required to be charged.
  • Setup the camera with the Wi-Fi again.
  • Off light beamforming feature of your router.
  • High security or parent control on the Wi-Fi can cause the offline issue in the camera. So, turn it off for few seconds and see if the issue gets solved.
Web Based Management offers two levels of password protected access. Users can access à General Settings, Fax Settings, Copy Settings and Printer Settings. The name Default user is “user” (case sensitive) and the default password is “access”. Administrators can access all settings. The administrator login name is “Admin” (case sensitive) and the default password is “access”.

So, these are some of the solutions and troubleshooting steps to solve your zmodo camera offline fix. These solutions are helpful and easy to apply. So, do try them if your zmodo camera is causing an offline issues.