Why is my yi home camera offline not recording? In that case, yi camera might not be connected to the network. Most wireless cameras face offline issues frequently. But it can be solved by following some steps. The offline issue is caused by several reasons. It is a common issue to occur in YI home cameras. There may be an issue in the wireless network router or an issue in the hardware of the camera. Some troubleshooting steps can also be followed and applied to solve the Yi home camera offline issue. Easy and simple-to-follow solutions are also available to fix the Yi camera offline issue.

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Why yi home camera keeps going offline

Below are some reasons provided for the Yi home camera offline issue- 

  • The problem is the wireless network router and the problem is the in-camera settings.
  • The issue is in-network coverage and the firmware of the camera is not updated.

How to fix yi camera offline issues

  • Check the lights of the camera to ensure that wifi is working properly.
  • Place the camera within the range of the wireless network router.
  • Check your phone if it has a network connection. As it is possible that your phone does not have a network connection which camera is causing the offline issue.
  • Restart the camera and check if it is connected to your mobile phone.
  • To check if your phone, camera app, and camera firmware is updated to the latest version.
  • Check the battery of the camera. If it is low then it needs to be charged to the minimum level to get connected to a wireless network.

So, mentioned above are some of the solutions to follow and apply. These solutions are reliable and easy to apply to solve the offline issue of the Yi home camera. A reliable and strong wireless network connection is required for the proper working of the camera. There is an app also for the camera which helps to customize its settings according to the preference like defined activity region or area, camera sharing, customized alert notifications schedules, etc.

How to turn yi camera offline to online

1080p troubleshooting steps can also be followed and applied to solve the wireless camera offline issue. Some of them are provided below-

  • Ensure that the camera light is blue in color and is not blinking. If it is blinking, then check your wireless network.
  • Ensure that your mobile phone has a strong and stable wireless network connection. In order to view the camera in the camera app.
  • Restart the camera and to again connect it to your mobile phone.
  • Check the wireless network router settings.