Sometimes, the issue is faced with the Wyze camera going offline beacuse of (error code 90). Then one should check the internet connection. Sometimes the internet is not working properly. Nowadays, security cameras are essential for every place. But, sometimes they stop working due to several reasons. Poor connectivity of the network can be the reason for the Wyze camera offline issue.

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Steps to fix Wyze Camera Offline Issues

Below are the steps provided for fixing the Wyze camera offline issue-

  1. To check the internet password and camera offline notification

The password of the internet should be checked properly. If it’s wrong, then update it quickly. A wrong password can be the reason for the Wyze camera going offline.

  1. To check the Wi-Fi router or device

Sometimes, the Wi-Fi router or device stops working. Due to this, the camera is offline. One should check the Wi-Fi router if there is any problem, then one can restart it again.

  1. To restart the Wi-Fi router after a power outage

One should restart the Wi-Fi router. One needs to remove its wires from the socket and unplug it and then restart it.

  1. To check the position of the place of the Wyze camera

Sometimes maybe the camera is placed in the wrong position. So, wyze camera offline error code 90 to be placed in the right position for its proper working and from where the internet connection is good.

  1. To check the batteries of the camera

Sometimes, batteries inserted in the camera do not work properly. So, batteries should be checked.

  1. The camera app is required to be updated

May be camera’s app is required to be updated to its latest version. Due to which wyze camera has stopped working. The app can be updated from the google store or apple store.

  1. To check the position of the base station of the camera

The base station is required to be checked. Sometimes, it is out of the range of connectivity. That’s why the camera is showing offline and have stopped working.

Why my Wyze camera keeps going offline

  • Incorrect password.
  • Wifi router or device not properly working
  • There is much distance between the base station and the Wyze camera.
  • There is some technical issue with the camera and Wyze camera app has become outdated.

Why does my Wyze camera say offline

  • To restart the camera’s base station by unplugging it and removing all the wires.   For 4 to 5 seconds they should be removed for establishing the proper connection again.
  • To check the light on the base station. it should be flashing to connect to a network.
  • Check the strength of the signal between the base station of the camera and the camera itself.
  • The proper network should be attached and a good signal should also be there between the camera and its base station
  • To check the charge of the camera. Sometimes the low battery indicates a poor network connection.
  • To check the firmware up-gradation as outdated firmware can cause the problem f network issue in the camera.