When Geeni camera is offline then how to get my geeni camera back online? The offline issue is caused by several reasons. Some cameras need an update and are improperly set up. The wireless geeni camera offline issue affects the working of the camera. The camera is unable to record and capture videos and images.

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The problem is the connectivity system of the wifi network router and many other problems cause offline issues in the camera. Often the wifi network connection is dropping continuously. There are many reasons for it and solutions are also there to solve the geeni camera offline issue properly and effectively.

Why Geeni camera keeps going offline

Below are the reasons provided for the Geeni camera offline issue- 

  • The camera settings are done improperly and the wifi connection is poor and unstable.
  • The network signal of the wifi connection has become weak.
  • The firmware of the camera requires an update.
  • Wifi network router settings are done improperly.
  • There is a connectivity problem with the camera.

So, these are some of the solutions to solve the geeni camera offline error. Solutions are simple to understand and apply. Geeni camera offline errors should be solved quickly and efficiently by applying these solutions carefully. As offline error affects the whole working of the camera. It is not able to provide you and your home with complete protection and security.

How to turn Geeni camera offline to online

Below are some solutions listed for the wireless camera offline error-

  • First to disconnect the wireless camera from its power cord and switch it off.
  • To place the camera within the range of the WiFi network router. A camera can detect the network connection automatically and get connected to it.
  • To restart your WiFi router. As to see if the led lights of the router get stable and do not blink.
  • To update the firmware of your camera.
  • Reset your camera by following the instructions given in the camera manual book.
  • Check the battery of the camera, if it is depleted, then replace it immediately.
  • To check the power cable and other wires of the camera. If they are causing any problem, replace them.
  • To disable the beam-forming feature of your camera. It helps to improve your camera connectivity functionality.
  • To disable the higher firewall settings and parental control settings. It will help the camera to detect a network and get connected to it automatically.
  • High bandwidth usage also causes offline errors in the camera. As there is high use of wifi network and it is unable to work on the camera. So, other devices must be disconnected from the wifi network router.