Is your security Ezviz camera offline. Now don’t worry it is a common error that occurs in the camera. Solutions are available which enable us to solve this error completely and properly. Ezviz is a home security camera that provides complete security and protection to your home. Many reasons are there for the offline error occurring in the camera. The issue can be in the wireless network router or camera hardware and its settings. Few of related camera issues are given below.

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The camera can be used for outdoor and indoor purposes and says Ezviz camera offline. The printer can be connected to any wireless network. Troubleshooting steps can also be applied for solving the ezviz camera offline error. The camera needs to unplug from the network to reboot it. This also helps in solving the issue of offline.

Steps to fix Ezviz camera offline issues

  • The camera might not be within the range of a wireless network router.>
  • Improper camera settings and improper wireless network router settings.
  • There is inappropriate network coverage and the firmware of the camera is not updated.
  • A wireless network connection is unstable and poor.

How to Turn ezviz app camera offline to online

  • First, check the camera network settings. If by mistake, the camera is in offline mode, it needs to be changed to online mode.
  • Place the camera within range of the camera.
  • Look check the wireless router settings.
  • Indicator lights of the camera and to make sure they are in configuration mode.
  • To check that the router is working properly and does not have its connection on many devices.
  • Restart the camera and next restart the wireless network router.
  • The app checks the camera mobile app settings.

But these solutions are reliable and easy to apply and can solve the ezviz camera offline error.  Ezviz’s home security camera is reasonable. It can be installed in an apartment and your home and provides complete security and protection. According to the requirement, it can be installed outdoors or indoors.

How do I get my ezviz camera back online

  • Now check the led light of the camera to check if the camera is switched on or not.
  • Reset the camera and the app installed on your mobile phone.
  • Check the settings section of the camera. If the settings of the camera are done improperly.
  • The issue with the wireless network router as the camera is not able to connect to it. To check its settings and frequency.
  • Wifi password if it is unable to connect with the camera.
  • The camera is not able to send alerts and notifications to your mobile phone. Then, camera mobile app settings and permissions should be checked.
  • Change your wireless network connection if it is not working properly and delivers unstable and poor connection.

These are some of the troubleshooting steps which can be tried and applied. It can fix your camera’s offline errors.