How to download Instagram videos on the official Instagram app. Instance, Instagram does not provide any option to download any video by itself on the official app. 

Therefore, you can save the video for later use after clicking on the video’s top right three dots.  If you are uploading a video on Instagram then the video or photo save in your galley on an Instagram folder by default.

There is no direct method to download any video on Instagram but Instagram saves the cache on your mobile.  If you watched a reel or video on Instagram then Go to the Mobile File Manager, then click on the Android by default folder.  Next click on the Media folder. Now click on the com.instagram default folder.  Therefore, learn more about how to Delete Instagram Account on mobile and desktop

How to Download Instagram Video

Click to open the folder and click on the media. Open the Instagram video folder and check the video that you have seen. Hence, Instagram downloads the videos in the android cache but there is no method to download the Instagram video directly from the official app. You may also read How to setup my device easily.

How to download Instagram videos

Download Instagram video easily by third-part tools. In that case, first open your Instagram profile and and Login in your Account. Now select the video that you want to download on your mobile or desktop. Click on the video top right-corner and copy the URL of videos. Now go to the search browser and open any third-party trustworthy tool and paste your copied URL in the box given in the website. Therefore, tool will take few minute and offers you download video in quality.

Steps to download Instagram reels

Instagram apps do not give any option to download reels and photos. You can check the Instagram cache on your mobile in an Instagram folder. Another way to download Instagram reels is, Open the app and click on the reels. Now click on the three dots and a windows pop-ups on the mobile bottom. Now just touch the Copy Link and download reels from the third-party tools.

Steps to use Instagram downloader chrome

An easy method to download any Instagram video on your computer. Go to the google chrome and type for IG Downloader and open the url

Now click on add to Chrome and add it to your chrome extension. Now open your Instagram profile and click on any image, or video to download it.  The extension allows you to easily download pictures from Instagram. This tool allows you to download any reels and videos by Default Instagram profile picture download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Steps to download instagram videos online?
Ans: There are many third-party trustable tools available as video downloader for Instagram whereas videos, photos, and reels can easily download from Instagram.
Q: How to save instagram videos on android?
Ans: Open your Instagram App and login. Once logged in, go to any video that you want to save for later. Simply, click on the three dots at the videos bottom right-side. Touch three dots and a small window open at the bottom of the mobile and touch the save option.
Q: How to download instagram videos with a link?
Ans: Copy the Link of Videos and paste it into the instagram video downloader tool and save download video on your desktop or mobile.
Q: How to backup my instagram photos?
Ans: In that case, instagram usually provides a default instagram backup folder in the mobile File Manager. When you upload any video, photos, and reels it backup instagram photos and comments in your File Manager in the instagram Folder.
Q: How do I download instagram story?
Ans: There is no way provided by instagram to download a story. In that case, you can record the screen and edit it later for use.

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