Want to change your wifi hotspot password on android mobile? Follow simple steps to change wifi password are given below:

  • Unlock your mobile and open the mobile “Setting”.
  • Touch the setting icon and scroll down the mobile screen.
  • Click on the “Portable Hotspot” and scroll the mobile screen.
  • Next, click on the Set up portable hot spot option and check the SSID and click on the Password below to the SSID options.
  • Enter your password and touch the tick on the top right-corner on the mobile screen.
Therefore, change wifi password on android mobile by following easy methods and keep the changed new password as a secret and share with only required.

How to change wifi password on iPhone mobile

Change your wifi password on your iPhone by following the step one by one given below. Now Turn ON your mobile and unlock the iPhone with your face recognition. Now, go to the mobile setting and scroll down the screen and hold on to the wifi icon. Turn on the wifi icon and try to connect with the network. If forgot click on the forgot option and enter the new password and connect to the wifi. Hence, set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad devices. Go to the mobile setting again and tap on Cellular and next Personal Hotspot. Before further processing, scan your iPhone for virus theft. Now allow anyone to connect with your mobile data. Further, enter the lowercase, and uppercase English letters including digital characters, and make a strong password and saved password on iPhone.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Steps to change wifi name and password on mobile?
Ans: Go to the mobile setting and scroll to the wifi hot-spot and click to change your wifi name and password on mobile.
Q: How to change wifi router password on mobile?
Ans: Open the wifi router app on mobile and login with your username and password. Now go to The app setting and personal information. Click to change password on mobile. First, enter the old password of your wifi and next enter the new password on mobile and confirm the password and set it as the new wifi password.