How to install and update your printer drivers on your Windows 10 computer. First thing in prerequisite need to know specifically what your printer name. If it’s a Canon, Epson, HP, Kyocera, or absent you really need to know.

If it says mg or Pixma or something along those lines that distinguishes it from any other printer drivers that that manufacturer makes once you have that information. It should be very easy to see if you still have the printer box or manual or should more than likely say it on the printer itself.

  • Open up the Start menu and type in add device.
  • Type in control panel and open up the control panel.
  • Go underneath the hardware and sound and select add a device.
  •  If your view by area is that to anything other than category then change it to category views right.
  • Change it to category now underneath add a device choose the device or printer to add this PC.
  • Run printer is already turned on or plugged in.
  •  Detect printer driver windows 10.
  • If you do not have anything chooses the device and click on the cancel button.
  • Go to hardware and sound and “Devices and Printers” left with one advanced printer.
  • Set up just left with one at one time and if the printer is not listed.
  • Left go on the printer that want isn’t listed right down.
  • Add printer model or network printer manually.

How Do I Install and Download Printer Drivers in Windows 10

Use an existing port has to change that and then click on next and now at this point. Select printer on the left side. Select the Printer Driver windows 10 manufacturer and scroll down until found the model series on the right.

Click on next change printer name and setup printer. If you choose to do so click on next again and that hold. Clicking want to finish here trying to print a test page.

  1. Go on the internet so just open up a web browser Google.
  2. Type in Google search box (“download XXXX printer model drivers”) printer model name.
  3. Go to official website of printer model or brand.
  4. Once you selected value just would open up the link and look there’s with printer drivers and downloads bond as per windows 10 compatibility.
  5. Select the recommended printer drivers.
  6. Click on download Printer Driver windows 10 option.
  7. Now install the drivers by click on the bundle of drivers.
  8. Follow the screen and drivers will install automatically.