How to Take Screenshot on Computer


There are several way to Take screenshot on computer with any version or operating system. For instance, user of windows7, windows8, windows10, windows11, mac-book, and linux can take screenshot on Laptop screen by using Keyboard and Default tool installed in computer.

Steps to Take screenshot on computer

Steps to Take screenshot on Computer Version folow the given guidelines:

Take screenshot onWindows 11

If you want to take fast of many pictures screenshot then Press Windows Key + PrtSc/SysRq and save images in Pictures Folder.

Take screenshot on Windows 10

In windows 10, Just Press the Windows Key + PrtSc/SysRq next to F12. Once computer screen blinks. Go to the desktop by Default Pictures Folder and see the screenshot.

Take screenshot on Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1

Press the Windows Key + Print Screen(PrtSc – Next TO F12). Once screen blinks, Press Ctrl+C, open the image editor tool and Click on the new page and open the blank background page and press Ctrl+P. Now simply edit or save the screenshot on desktop.

Take screenshot on Windows 7

Turn ON the windows 7, First open an image editor tool. Now go to the windows 7 Home screen. On keyboard, Press windows and PrtSc. Windows will dim or blink for a seconds. Next, press Ctrl+C. Now, GO to the paint tool and press Ctrl+N and Ctrl+P, and enter the Last command Ctrl+S and save screenshot on the computer.

Take screenshot on Macbook

Turn ON the mac-book and Press Shift+Command+3 on keyboard and save the sceenshot on desktop.

Take screenshot on Linux

In Linux, Press on computer Keyboard Alt + PrtSc and save image on pictures folder.

How Snipping Tool Options work on computer.

Follow the steps and take screenshot on computer. You can use Default Snipping Tool on your operating version. In case of windows10 and windows11, Go to the computer start Button and Type “Snipping Tool” in the Type here to search box. Click to open the Snipping Tool and select the options Mode as Free-From Snip, Rectangular Snip, Windows Snip, Full-Screen Snip, Delay dropdown for 1 seconds to 5 seconds, and Options for more. Now click on the New and capture the screen for record and press Ctrl+S and Give the name to image and save on desktop. You like to read on free virus scan and removal on computer also. Four type of Mode in Snipping Tool and uses of tool given in paragraph. Free-From Snip: When you select Free-From Snip Mode on tool, it shows a cursor to capture the image on windows. Select the mode as per your requirements as Rectangular Snip, Windows Snip, Full-Screen Snip.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to take fast screenshot on computer?
Ans: Press Windows Key + PrtSc/SysRq on computer keyboard and see the saved images on the desktop default pictures folder.
Q: How to take screenshot on computer with Snipping Tool?
Ans: Go to the start button on computer and type “snip” a Snipping Tool shows and open it. Now click on the New and take a screenshot on the computer.

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