When digitally collaborating on your docs with your co-workers, customers, or partners, forming a link to PDF may be something you really need on occasion. In this post, we’ll dwell upon why you sometimes need to share PDF as a link and provide steps on how to do it. Stay tuned.

Why Share PDF as a Link?

Sharing a PDF with someone can be cumbersome. Documents of this format are rather large and often too large to be shared as attachments. Furthermore, the task of downloading the successfully attached PDF, completing it, and then sending it back is not time-saving at all. Why all the fuss when you can just share the link to PDF and make the fill-out process a lot easier? This method automates your administrative tasks while streamlining your document workflow along the way. So, how do you share PDFs online as a link? Keep reading to have all your questions answered in this sense.

Share a PDF as a Link Online With PDFLiner

Now that you’re here, your PDF-as-a-link sharing problem will be easily solved with PDFLiner. This online PDF management platform allows you to cope with this task in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Share a PDF as a Link Online

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Find the needed file on your laptop and upload it to the platform. Alternatively, pick the doc from the service’s extensive template catalog.
  2. Adjust the form the way you see fit. You’re welcome to incorporate your company’s branding, add fillable fields, e-sign the docs, and even infuse them with images if necessary. When you’re through, double-check everything to prevent highly undesirable mistakes and hit the ‘Done’ button.
  3. To do it, hit ‘Share’ in the menu that launches when you’re through filling out the form. The former requires typing recipient emails and sorting out permissions. The latter needs to determine the link expiration date and manage permissions. Copy the URL and hit ‘Share’ for the recipients to get to modify and digitally sign the doc. Bear in mind that the system will send you an email alert when the recipients start viewing or editing the file. That’s what we call convenience.

More PDF Editing Features

PDFLiner is your go-to file editing platform that allows you to manage your document workflow fast and easily. Here are some more features of the service you’ll definitely enjoy making the most of:

  • password protect your PDFs;
  • e-sign your PDFs in an absolutely legitimate way;
  • add fillable fields to your files;
  • draw on your files;
  • infuse your documents with branding elements;
  • Share your subscription with others and more.

The main reason why the users of this service choose it is that it saves heaps of their valuable time. No more endless piles of paper that tend to get lost or damaged. No more starting all over again after making a mistake in your tax form. No more endless hours spent completing a pretty straightforward form. So, whenever you have file management-related questions, PDFLiner is always the most effective answer. It’s what gives your business a genuinely mighty boost.

Final Word

Sharing PDFs as links is a cakewalk, especially if you equip yourself with the right digital tools. Now that you’ve explored the steps needed to do it, you’re a lot closer to speeding up your document workflow in the most efficient way possible. Give PDFLiner a go and it will exceed your expectations.

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