Bought a brand new dell e525w printer and don’t know how to set up the process. Read and follow the article and setup dell e525w printer from unboxing to turn into the printing machine. Dell setup wireless printer is now fast and easy with technical steps written on how to dell e525w setup easily.

How to install and setup dell e525w wireless printer that’s on your network on Windows 10. It is a similar process if you’re already using Windows 10 or dell e525w drivers windows 7.

Steps to setup Dell e525w printer on windows computer

  • Open up your control panel one way to the icon here on desktop another way to go to your control panel is you can right-click the start button down.
  • Click on the View “Devices and Printers”.
  • Click on the Devices.
  • Check drivers either download from dell’s official website.
  • Click add a printer and it’ll automatically scan your network.
  •  How to add a printer that’s already on your network could be through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable line or LAN. 
  • The computer detects it and once detects that you can choose the dell e525w printer.
  • Click Next and from here installing the dell e525w printer again.
  •  Make sure that your printer is off the same network as your computer.
  •  Now select to print a test page.

How do I set up my wireless printer dell e525w

How to connect dell e525w printer to WiFi and scan to email. Add dell printer manually in desktop or any windows from the control panel.

  • Click on the desktop start button and open the setting.
  • Open control panel then network and internet.
  • Make sure the internet and printer are connected with the same network if not connect it.
  • Back to the menu and hit on “Devices and Printer”.
  • Next to printers and faxes. and right-click on the dell e525w and check what’s printing.
  • Now set up a wireless connection and print documents.