Steps to start, stop or Reset Print Spooler service on Windows 10 in two multiple ways. Method 1 using the services console goes to search type services open services. Find print spooler option in the list of services. Double click it and select stop-start or restart as required method 2 using task manager. Open task manager by right-clicking the task bar then go to services tab. Find spooler from the list makes sure it’s running.

How to Reset Print Spooler Windows 10 not running

 First method would be to go to run box and then type services dot MSC open the services dot ma sequence services dot MSE is open. Select any of the service clicks on P and then you would find print spooler service.

So print spooler service is responsible to send your print documents to the printer. Whatever print you have given to the printer this service is responsible to send these documents to the printer or print server. If it is not set on automatic just select it and then click on stop and then again click on start.

 If this is still not working then go to logon and you can select local system account and allow service to interact with windows 10. Click on apply then go to dependencies in the dependencies you would find some of the services and some of the components. Avoid the components and just check out the services so remote procedure call is service.

Check if this service is currently running or not select any of the service on the service road MSE. Press R on my keyboard it will take to the services starting from R. Check if this service is running or not this is our PC service remote procedure call and it is currently running. Click OK.

How restart or Reset Print Spooler windows 10 with batch file 

Go to the next method that is to run the troubleshooter. Right click on the windows 10 and then go to setting. Type troubleshoot and click on troubleshoot settings once troubleshoot is open then search for printer. Run the troubleshooter and find out the issues and it will try to detect the issues.

 Try to fix the issues most of issues would be resolved by running the troubleshooter. If no issue found with the troubleshooting because there are no issues on computer you may find the issues and it would be fixed.  Close troubleshooter.

Check for the updates if you have any updates pending and any drivers to be updated so you can check the updates. Just right-click on the windows 10 and then go to settings. Click on update and security in the update and security. Click on the Windows 10 Update and then check for the updates.

How to Clear the Print Spooler and Drivers Update Windows 10

Next method would be to go to run and then type this path C : windows / system 32 spool predators. Click ok and then here you will find some of the files which are to be print on the printer. Select all and click on delete the folder is currently empty for me it could have some of the files on computer. Select all and then click on delete or shift delete. Go to run and then again services dot MSC. In services dot MSE again going to find out the print spooler service and double click on recovery.

Checks restart the service for subsequent failures and then click on apply and click on OK. Try to restart the service if it fails. Open the registry in the run box type reg. edit and then click on ok. It will ask you for user account control permissions and then click on yes. Once this is open you have to take the export of this registry keys and take a backup of registry.

 Delete some of the keys which are causing this issue. Go to H key local machine system expand it. Find out current control set expanded then ctrl expand it. Search for print. It is expand the environments and in the environments, you would find different folders in those different folders.

 Delete some of the registry keys if you have 32-bit operating system you have to select folder and then click on print processors. For 64-bit operating system, select folder windows x64. Print processors there would be wind print folder and driver folder. Click on the driver’s folder and run the drivers for installation.