In many circumstances, find the IP address of the printer. Especially, when you have a printer at work, and it is on an office network that receive the printers IP address from the company. But sometimes the printer IP is not working. Because of network problems or not setup on device. The printer ip address without any error message. So what to do? That’s easy, it’s simple as below! In this post, you will learn about the possible solutions in order to resolve the problem with the help of the printers IP address.

How to Find the IP Address Of printer On Windows 10 (free)

If the printers IP address starts with a dot and ends with s, then it means that it’s an ios/windows device. You can locate the IP of your printers by following these steps.

  • Visit here to download latest version of Download Microsoft Server 2022.
  • Now open up the chrome extension “IP Scanner” and select your device.
  • Select IP address on which device you want to locate it then enter IP number.
  • Now click OK until the IP address is obtained

How Do I Find the IP Address of my Printer

A user needs to create a hidden directory of folder for devices. Then you just need to go to it and start scanning IP of every device. Once you find out the folder for a given device, click on the IP on the desktop to locate the folder.

To verify a particular device, simply right-click and the option will appear. However, not the exact IP address that was written in the clipboard. But you can use these IP addresses to locate a printer name as shown in the screenshot of above page:

  • Open the Command Prompt.
  • Press Win + R.
  • Type ‘cmd’ then type ‘ipconfig’.
  • Press Enter or F8 key and hit enter.
  • Scroll down and see the output and select ‘Print Devices & Printers’.
  • Click Save all and repeat it again.

Now you should see another file named ‘ipconfig’. Copy the IP of every printer with those names. It’s good practice to always update the hidden directories so the IP numbers of your machines remain unchanged at the time of installation of new versions of

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to find the IP address of printer that is not connected?
Ans: Windows 10 (Free Downloader Download) – This free tool will show you the list of printers connected to your computer. It helps you to identify and locate their IP on your system.
Q: How to find IP address of printer on mac?
Ans: If there are multiple printers connected to the same mac, and many users have printers connected to the server of another host. You may need to manually scan multiple folders to find the information about printers. For example, if you have 30 domains, then look through each folder until you find the information about one domain. Note: you may not be able to locate the IP to this domain name.