Want to connect brother printer to mobile. If you have an Android mobile phone or tablet equipped with Wi-Fi Direct technology support and your Brother printer android supports it, you can take advantage of this technology to print the documents you need. The advantage, in this case, is the phone and printer. Do not have to be connected to the same network. Because Wi-Fi directly works by setting up a “point-to-point” connection (direct from one device to another). Without the need for a router or other “intermediate” devices).

To use it, take Android Device and go to Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi, and turn on Wi-Fi connectivity if necessary. Then tap the Wi-Fi Preferences; Advanced items (or the button at the top) and select the Wi-Fi item directly to make your phone ‘visible’.

How to connect the printer with mobile through Wi-Fi

Connect Brother printer with mobile without or with Wi-Fi, hotspot, mobile data, etc. At this point, go to the printer, and go to the Settings menu. For all settings, select Network, Wi-Fi Direct y switch, making sure the Android screen is not locked. Press the accept button twice to activate the network. After a few moments, you should see your mobile phone’s name on the printer screen. After selecting it, go to the phone and tap the printer’s name. Which should have appeared on the screen in the meantime and connected the brother printer to Wi-Fi.

If everything went in the right direction, after a few moments the connection should be established. To confirm, you will see a message on the printer screen and the word “connected” on the phone screen. At this point, you can print any document using the procedure provided by Android: after opening the file of interest, tap the button (or the menu button of the application in use), select the print item, and choose the Brother printer from the list of detected devices.