Have an upgraded  printer and want to Connect Brother mfc l2710dw to a wireless computer using the setup wizard. First confirm the printer “Hardware and Software” are connected with the printer model and working properly. Further, follow the steps and connect the printer on WiFi

Turn on the WiFi and check wireless connection on the computer and mfc l2710. Guidelines in the article cover multiple models and operating systems. When your brother printer may not match the model on the screen the overall process will be the same.

How to Connect Brother mfc-l2710dw to a computer

Connect Brother mfc l2710dwinsert the installation disk or download the full driver and software package official website of the printer. Navigate to your installer file and double-click to begin the installation. When the device installation window opens choose your language. Click Next to accept the license agreement and then click next select wireless network connection.

Click next, when the detecting existing wireless network settings window appears. Verify your network name and click Next. In most cases, the setup wizard will be able to automatically apply your wireless settings. Connect your machine to the network. If for some reason the setup wizard was unable to automatically connect your brother.

How to connect brother mfc l2700dw printer to WiFi

Prompted to try alternate methods of connecting the next section covers those alternate methods. If the enabled wireless window opens, you need to go to the control panel of your brother printer. Press the Wi-Fi button on the control panel. When prompted to confirm, press the up arrow on your brother printer. Now retrieve the network settings from your computer.

If you receive a failed to connect message click Next when prompted for a USB cable. Select no and then click Next to locate your SSID or network name. Your network key can typically be.

found on the bottom of your router. Go to the control panel of your brother printer mfc l2710dw and press the Menu key on the control panel. Press the down arrow on the control panel repeatedly until the network option is displayed. Press the okay arrow down again until WLAN appears on the LCD window. Press ok arrow down until the setup wizard appears and then press okay. Use the up and down arrows to select your SSID or network name. If your network is set to hide the network name you will have to manually add your network name and press ok. Enter your network key using the keypad repeated presses on the keys will cycle through the available characters. Confirm that your network key is correct and press okay. When prompted to apply settings press the up arrow.

Steps to connect Brother mfc-l2710dw to PC

Press okay on your computer click next click the checkbox. Confirm and click Next once your printer mfc-l2710dw  is connected to your wireless network. Continue with the setup process. Select your Brother printer from the list. Click Next select standard installation and click Next the eye print and scan application will automatically install. If you do not wish to install at this time click install. Later if your model supports scanning you’ll be prompted to install a paper port. Click install once the paper port is installed, click Next, and click Next and connect brother mfc-l2710dw to Wi-Fi.