Recently, try to print document but printer says hp envy 5540 is offline. In that case when a printer keeps going offline in windows, windows 10 or mac. Go to the desktop start button and search for “printer and devices”. Further, right-click on your local printer model and see what’s the printer printing.

Print on wired or wireless network with hp envy 5540 printer and turn printer online easily on windows. Check the hp printer hardware and software before start the troubleshooting. Check the power cable is connecting properly along with internet cable and other cable etc. Make sure printer is connected with the wired or wireless router.

How do I fix my hp envy 5540 offline issues

The offline hp envy 5540 printer remains when the device is unable to communicate with the computer. It is then necessary to make sure that the device is turned on and connected to the same WiFi as the computer. This is the first thing to do if the printer is offline.

A wireless printer is one of the best things that have been made in recent years. There is no longer any need to connect the device with a cable to your computer or place the printer-offline-way near it. However, this solution is not free from problems. The hp envy 5540 printer offline, making it unusable. The most common reason for this is a blockage of the printer spooler service, a reset to the offline option, or problems with the WiFi connection.

What to do when the hp envy 5540 printer is offline

If the device displays an offline message, do the following steps:

  1. Disable hp envy 5540 offline mode

Disable hp envy 5540 offline mode

This is a very obvious action, very easy to do. In the Control Panel, find the Devices and Printers category. Then a list of devices compatible with our computer will be displayed. The printer (s) will appear at the top of the page. The device of interest should be marked with a green icon, which means that it is the default printer. Right-click the device icon and select See what’s printing.

The displayed window may contain a list of documents waiting to be printed. They can be deleted by selecting Cancel Printing. Select the Printer tab from the menu bar at the top of the page. It shows Use Printer Offline and Pause Printing. If any of these options is checked, uncheck it. After doing this, the printer should work.

  1. Lack of communication between devices (only for HP envy 5540 printers)

Lack of communication between devices (only for HP envy 5540 printers)

HP printer owners with Windows 10 or 8 should download a special version of HP Print and Scan Doctor, which is indispensable for troubleshooting offline printer problems. Other versions of operating systems are dedicated to the standard version of the program that must be downloaded and then run.

After switching on, it is enough to select Start and the appropriate printer-offline printer. If it is not listed, disable and enable it. After this is done, you need to click Retry in the program. In case of any problems, follow the prompts displayed by HP Print and Scan Doctor. When prompted to enable the update or set the printer as the default device, select Yes in both cases and continue.

  1. Check the hp printer’s WiFi connection
Check the hp printer's WiFi connection

Properly configured device may show problems with connecting to WiFi. The wireless printer must be connected to the same network as the computers, otherwise they will not be compatible. The best solution in this situation is to reconnect the printer to the network. We wrote about how to properly do this in the article How to connect a network printer via WiFi?

  1. Reset the hp envy 5540 device

Reset the hp envy 5540 device

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. If the hp envy 5540 printer remains offline.  It is a good idea to reset it – it can restore the connection between the printer and the computer. You can do this by unplugging the printer’s power cord (turned off!). Turning off the computer, then connecting the printer’s power cord and turning on the device. You should also reset the router if you are using a wireless printer. The easiest way to do this is to unplug the power cord from the back of the router. After completing these steps, wait for the router to turn back on and the printer to find a connection. It only remains to restart the computer.

  1. Reset the hp envy 5540 print spooler service

Reset the hp envy 5540 print spooler service

If the printing device is unresponsive, the problem may be a blockage of the print spooler service, which sometimes freezes. This option can be easily unlocked in the settings. After finding it on the list, you just need to start or stop the service.

Turn off the printer. In the Control Panel, select System and Security, then Administrative Tools and Services. A window will appear in which you need to find the Print spooler and right-click it. You must select Restart among the available options. Thanks to this, the service will be reset.

  1. Set hp envy as default printer
Set hp envy as default printer

While updating the printer, the default driver may have been replaced with another. To set a device back as the default device, find the Devices and Printers category in the Control Panel. After the window with available printers is displayed, you need to right-click on the name of the active device and select the Set as default printer command.

The device is probably ready for operation. The printer is still offline. If none of the above helped, you have to install new printer software. To do this, uninstall and then reinstall the printer software, as errors are most likely caused by problems that occurred during the first installation. Before proceeding, disconnect the USB cable, if it is connected, and then find the Programs and Features option in Windows.

Once selected, you must click Programs and Features. Find and uninstall the printer software in the list that appears, then restart your computer. Where to get the new HP software? They can be reinstalled using the disc attached to the device or downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. If the installation was successful, you can try to print again.