How to bring an offline Arlo base station online

How to bring an offline Arlo base station online

Can’t keep an eye on your home and office because the Arlo base station is offline. There might be base station issues between your network and Arlo app.  Troubleshoot the Camera offline errors by following the steps written in the article.

How to find Arlo base station offline problem


How to find and fix Arlo base station offline problem


Troubleshoot wireless camera offline problem and connect again on Arlo app your camera.. First launch Arlo app to monitor the problem.  Login in your Arlo account and determine your base station.


  • When Arlo wireless camera feed the video it means camera is online.
  • When error message pop-ups instead of feed video, it means camera is not connected to the internet.


Single LED base stations indicates the errors of Arlo camera with its LED on front face.


Single LED base stations


  • Solid blue LED indicated that base stations is connected to the internet.
  • Slow-blinking amber represents the internet connection problem.


Multi-LED on base station explains the health of base station.


fix arlo camera offline problem


  • Solid green LED indicates the internet is connected.
  • Amber LED represents the error between base station and internet connection.


Troubleshoot My Arlo  base station  is offline errors


Why my arlo base station keeps going offline

If Arlo base station is offline, then follow the steps below and troubleshoot camera offline errors. 


  1. First, check the Ethernet cable and make sure it is connected with the router and base station properly.
  2. Next, secure power connectivity with the base station and check the plugins properly.
  3. Now connect your another device to the same router and check the browser is working or not.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter with base station and check the LED light is solid green or amber.
  5. Now, check the router’s DHCP setting and setup the IP address through router documentation.
  6. Check the router setting and firmware to ensure the internet connection.
  7. Check the router port 443 or 80 if not connected then contact to IT expert.
  8. Now reset Arlo base station.
  9. Check the LED is green.

is arlo camera led is green


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Frequntly Asked Question

Q: What to do when arlo base station offline but connected to internet?
Ans: If base station is connected to the internet but not with arlo camera. It represents error between camera and base station. In that case, Go to the arlo app and login into you account and sync the app after connected to the internet.
Q: How to fix arlo base station offline remote?
Ans: If the wireless camera shows offline issues then first reboot the wifi alon with arlo base station and try to connect with similar wifi router.

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