How Programmatic Advertising is Changing the Face of Digital Advertising?

How Programmatic Advertising is Changing the Face of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has seen many changes since its inception. In traditional advertising, the advertisers had less control and transparency over the entire advertising process. The ad inventory selling and buying process was manual and involved a salesperson, multiple proposal requests, and human errors. To bridge this gap, the advertising world needed a more transparent, reliable, and error-free system for digital advertising.

Here comes Programmatic Advertising into the picture. It brought a revolutionary change in the way digital advertising was done. Here is a handy guide to know the benefits of programmatic advertising and how it is changing the face of digital advertising.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Unlike traditional advertising, programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying ad inventory through real-time bidding. Programmatic advertising resulted in a faster, more efficient, and less expensive process as compared to other media buying options.

Advantages of Programmatic Advertising

1. More Transparency and Control

Programmatic advertising provides an additional benefit of transparency that was missing in traditional advertising. Through programmatic advertising, marketers can get a clear report of the ad inventories, who are interacting with the advertisements, and the cost associated with the ad space. This helps advertisers to efficiently optimize campaigns and take informed decisions.  

2. Allows Real-Time Measurement

Getting real-time data measurements is a dream come true for every marketer and advertiser. With programmatic advertising, advertisers can measure the efficiency of the ad creatives, campaigns, and overall targeting and make changes in real-time. Unlike traditional advertising, the advertisers don’t have to wait till the end of the campaign to measure results.

3. Improves Efficiency

The overall efficiency of a digital campaign improves with real-time measurement. With the help of programmatic advertising, the advertising can track their campaigns while optimizing and making adjustments to them. With real-time optimization, the campaign’s efficiency improves and reaches the right target audience. It further helps the advertiser to use the budget effectively and reduces wastage.

4. Gives More Targeting Capabilities

In traditional advertising, there was a BlackBox related to the targeted audience. Programmatic advertising brings more flexibility, and advertisers can reach their ideal audience efficiently. It gives the leverage to target the audience based on IP addresses, geolocation, and contextual keyword. Programmatic advertising also allows retargeting which helps the advertiser’s brand to stay in the mind of the end consumer for a longer time.

5. Increases Audience Reach

Programmatic advertising automates the entire digital advertising process and gives the scope to reach a wider audience. With its algorithms, programmatic advertising helps to reach the ideal audience out of millions of people on the internet. Furthermore, it helps to track who is reaching the ads and much more insights for the advertiser to take informed business decisions.

Fraudsters and Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has changed the face of digital advertising. However, it has also attracted fraudsters and given them the perfect opportunity to earn money. Fraudsters manipulate the automated process of programmatic advertising to steal ad revenue from advertisers. They use techniques like ad stacking, domain spoofing, and bots to inflate the traffic and keep the advertisers under a false impression.

And with time the fraudsters are getting smarter with their techniques to fool advertisers. To protect their ad spends, advertisers need an advanced ad traffic validation solution to validate and eliminate invalid traffic sources from their ad campaigns.


Every revolutionary idea has its advantages and disadvantages. While programmatic advertising has the aforementioned drawbacks, it also has a slew of advantages that can make a difference in the digital advertising space.

Advertisers can enjoy the best of both worlds by taking small steps to protect their ad campaigns and brand reputation. While they are doing their part, an ad fraud prevention and detection solution provider can assist in making programmatic advertising a fraud-free environment for your digital ad campaigns.

Ad fraud in the programmatic space can be eliminated, allowing advertisers to reap the benefits of reaching the right audience and getting better returns on digital ad campaigns.

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