Quickly setup your printer to a wireless network using the push button method of WPS, or Wi-Fi Protected Setup. To connect your printer using WPS, you must have. A wireless printer that supports WPS push button mode. A router with a WPS button, and a wireless network that uses a WPA or WPA2 password. If during the connection process or when you install the software for your printer. Your computer windows 10 prompt you to enter a WPS PIN, select cancel.

On wireless Printer, Press hold for few seconds until the light start blinks. If your printer doesn’t have a Wireless button but does have a control panel with menus. Navigate to the Network Settings or Wireless Settings menu. Hit the press button and push start and setup wireless printer network. On Wi-Fi router, Press WPs button and wait for light blinks mainly it takes up to 2 minutes to connect with wireless printer on windows 10.

Steps to setup wirless printer – Technical guide for printer setup

How to set up your wireless printer on your computer once setup, you can print remotely. Read and follow the article on how to connect your printer to Wi-Fi. How to set up your printer on your computer windows 10. This printer setup process may differ depending on the model of your printer.

  • If your printer has a display screen find settings in the screens menu.
  • Open network settings or network connection.
  •  Select Wi-Fi setup then Wi-Fi setup wizard or network setup your printer will begin searching for networks.
  •  Select your Wi-Fi network from a list of available names.
  • Enter your password if your printer doesn’t have a screen plug one end of a USB cable into your computer and the other end into the printer then perform printer setup wizard as per printer model.
  • The setup wizard is either started from a CD or an installer file downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Once finished. Unplug the USB and continue to use your printer wirelessly.
  • Now, printer is connected to your home network need to add the printer to your computer or another device with printing capabilities on your windows 10 computer.
  • Click on the Start menu and select settings or control panel depending on the version of Windows.
  •  Select devices or “Devices and Printers” then add a printer.
  • Select your printer from the list of available printers.
  • Add device if your printer isn’t listed in available printers.

Click on the printer that isn’t listed and follow the prompts on how to setup your wireless printer on computer and ready to print remotely.