Want to print on a wireless network but the printer is not connected. Now, how do I setup brother hl2270 printer wireless network. Once connect with wired or wireless network then print on windows, mac, and linux.Setup wireless printing your brother HL 2270 DW printer. First and most obvious you must have your brother machine. Make sure have a standard USB cable a wireless computer connected to a wireless network.

How to setup brother hl 2270dw wireless without CD

Get Brother printer drivers and utilities CD now if you have all those together start further. The supplied cd-rom into your cd-rom drive. Select the HL 2270 DW select the language English click install printer driver from the official website. Next, read and agree to the terms of the brother license agreement. Click yes select wireless network connection. Click Next select brother peer-to-peer network printer. Click Next on the firewall antivirus detected screen.

Select no to configure the wireless network card manually. Click Next to check the checked and confirmed box. Next, choose temporarily use a USB cable recommended and then click Next. Connect the USB cable directly to the computer and the machine to make sure the brother HL 2270 DW. Check powered on this step may take a few minutes for the USB driver to be installed.

Steps to connect my brother hl2270dw printer to Wi-Fi

Get a hardware wizard to install the driver in the task tray bottom-right corner of the screen your SSID will be displayed for setup brother hl2270 printer. If this is correct click Next to send this information to the printer click Next disconnect the USB cable between the computer and the printer. Click Next to install the brother printer driver.

If the following screen appears reset the router by powering it off then back on wait 60 seconds and click OK. Search again after searching the brother machine will appear in the installation box. Choose your Brother machine from the list and click Next to continue installation to view.

How to Setup brother hl 2270dw printer on computer manual

Download a manual, click the view manuals on the web button otherwise. Click Next if you would like to register your machine with Brother. Hit on the brother registration button if you prefer not to register at this time. Click Next, and check the Enable the network connection repair toolbox. Click finish the firmware update screen will appear select your preference about receiving information about firmware updates. Now, click OK after making your selection and there you have it you can now setup brother hl2270 printer on the wireless network.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to brother hl2270dw wireless setup mac?
Ans: Open the mac printer setting type “wifi” and connect with your local network. Next, go to “system preferences” and click to add printer on mac.
Q: How to brother hl-2270dw wireless setup iphone?
Ans: Unlock iPhone with face recognition and go to the mobile setting. First, connect mobile with the wireless router. Again, go tot the mobile setting and go to the printer section and click to search for available printer.
Q: How to brother hl 2270dw wireless setup windows 10?
Ans: Windows 10, automatically connect with your local wireless network. Go to start button and search for “printer and scanners”. Click on system setting and click on plus icon to add printer on windows 10.