What to do when Epson printer do not print instead shows error code 0xe8. In the situation, how to find and fix why error code 0xe8 hexadecimal problem with printer. Epson error code is numeric codes that need to follow troubleshooting steps are given below.

Epson XP 420 or any model printers basically is something is blocking this carriage in the ink carriage. Reason error 0xe8 has blocked printer come up the air is a 0xe8 air because it moved when it didn’t supposed to but it’s 0xe8 to the carriage.

Piece of blue tape that comes across right here and it hasn’t been removed. Check to make sure that ink is removed and then the other error is this with small white plastic piece. Turn off the printer once the air comes up the printer will allow you to turn it off and do once it turns off completely.

Why my Epson printer shows error code 0xe

There are several causes behind the Epson Printer error code 0xe8 and error can be fixed easily.

  1. Error 0xe8 occurs due to corrupt Operating System or damage in windows 7, or windows 10.
  2. Faulty drivers or incomplete the setup process lead the printer error code 0xe8.
  3. If desktop faced or recover from any malware is caused of error.
  4. Corrupt version utility of drivers and software in windows.
  5. Suddenly, or direct shutdown of desktop cause error code 0xe8 on Epson printer.
  6. Unlimited entries and error in hardware or RAM is reason of issues.
  7. Paper Jam or improper ink cartridge.

Steps to Fix Epson Error 0xe8 error

Why my Epson printer shows error code 0xe8

Troubleshoot error code 0xe8, Turn On desktop and printer. Right-click on the desktop screen and refresh the desktop. Now, go to the start menu icon on desktop screen at left-bottom corner with windows icon. Go to the control Panel >System and Security>Backup and Restore. Now click to system restore and restore the desktop at earlier time and sate and reboot the computer.

Epson Printer Error code 0xe8 repair utility

  • Follow the automated way to fix the Error code 0xe8 repair utility tool as given below.
  • Check internet connection on desktop and open the web browser. Search in web browser for Error code repair utility.
  • Go to the official website of printer and download the repair tool.
  • Once download, next click to install the setup tool.
  • Click to open the tool and start the scan printer and restart desktop once scan completed.