How to find the printer’s IP address of epson workforce 845. Nowadays, virtually any epson wf printer, with the exception of the most basic models, can be connected to the router by cable or via Wi-Fi. So that any user connected to the router within the same network can use it to print documents. This is very convenient since it avoids carrying documents to a flash drive or other computers to be able to print them, even if it also complicates the configuration of the printer ip address.

In order to properly configure epson workforce 845 on network. You need to know its IP address because, although most printers have broadcast functions that allow the operating system to find it automatically without having to do anything else. The IP address of any device can be used to connect that device to a network, so that other computers or mobile devices can also use it.

How to find out the IP address of your printer to make sure that you can edit in properly particularly. when you’re having problems due to a wsd virtual port issue.

Steps to find Epson Printer IP Address

epson workforce 845 ip address
  1. Go directly to your printer, press the menu button or go down to the administration menu.
  2. Scroll down to information and print out the configuration page.
  3. Once you print out the configuration page, you will be met with the page that looks very similar.
  4. Start off with configuration up the top going about the Epson machine.
  5. Go down on the first page about three-quarters of the way down.

Notice that it has embedded jet direct and then an IP address so that there is the IP address of
epson workforce 845 printer and enter that straight into the screen. Get around the wsd port or to connect printer to an IP address.

Now go in to start and “Devices and Printers” and add a printer by clicking on the printer icon in the printer list. Next ask you local or network, choose the network , go through your whole network and try to find all the different printers. IP addresses on network now beware of these ones with the extra numbers are definitely from you.
Don’t use them it has to be a straight IP address direct number. Ip Address looks like ( Note down epson workforce 845 ip address or and then once it’s installed.

Go through and change the IP address to a direct force so right click hit press on printer properties.
Next, go into the port’s tab before open that up a bit just make sure that is printing directly to an IP address.

Where can I find the IP Address on my Epson Workforce 845 on Windows

What you do when printing to a WASD address on Windows 10, Windows 8 and need Ip address. add a port standard tcp/ip port push and next next. Type that number 1.51 and push next and go and create that direct IP address port finish.
Close and see ticked that it’s printing directly to an IP address and push it fly. Remove all the issues to do with the wsd virtual port and able to work out the IP address and add your printer directly.