Google Analytics is a free portal to use and track your website records. To monitor, or audit your webiste performance integrate your webiste on Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free portal and easy to use offered by Google. Presently, Analytics UA-4 version is being updated. Latest version of Google Analytics is more prominent and easy to understand the data. Recently, Google analytics launces its Google Analytics mobile app. Download the app on your mobile phone and track your business in real-time. It use easy and fast to use on Google Chrome Web Browser.

Google Analytics 4

Is is easy to setup on device. In case of new webiste, Create an account on Google Analytics 4 (ga4)with verified email. Login to your Google Analytics Account and create a property Name i.e. abc, select time zone, currency, and click on next. Move to the next page, select the industry category from the drop down select one button. Select the size of your Business also and click Next. Further, GA ask you to select one option from the Generate leads, Drive online sales , Raise brand awareness, Examine user behavior, and Get baseline reports as per your webiste niche. Now, move to the final option, select the one from three option Web, Android App, and iOS app, In aces of Web app, click on the web. Enter your webiste URL and webiste name to create the stream. Follow the screen and at final stage, copy the URL from the Analytics, and paste it into between your website . Hence, Webiste integrate to the Google Analytics and ready to observe the webiste traffic.

Google Analytics for website

Google Analytics offers several options to audit and analyze your webiste traffic from anywhere around the world. It offers real-time, Life cycle, and User. In Life Cycle: Acquisition, Engagement, and Monetization. Acquisition offers overview, user acquisition, and traffic acquisition to track the webiste visitor activity. Engagement offers Overview, Events, and Conservation to track the users activity on the webiste pages. Monetization is quite different because it related to the E-commerce platform and offers overview, purchase journey, checkout journey, in-app journey, publisher ads, promotions, and retention. User offers User Attribute and Tech options. In User Attributes check Overview, demographic details, and audience details on the webiste. Tech offers overview, and tech details and check PLATFORM / DEVICE CATEGORY. Every single option and features given in GA 4 is important and helps to audit the website.